Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY Disney Ornamnets

I am a self proclaimed ornament whore

I love them....can't get enough of them....I start buying them in July....I'm a freak

Whenever we go to Disneyland we always buy one ornament

I wish I could buy dozens but the goods ones range anywhere from $12-$18 a that could add up rather quickly

And I'm cheap as Fuuuuu@$ so that's a no go

But I have a money saving alternative for ya!

I like to buy all the cute antenna toppers they have and make them into things.  In THIS POST you can see how I turned them into refrigerator magnets

Well, I found this badass Mickey Gingerbread one and instantly knew he had to be made into an ornament

I just hot glued some ribbon to the sides

 Then I came across this cool Perry and decided to make it for my nieces since they LOVE him

(In fact my niece had a Phineas and Ferb can see all sorts of Perry posts like THIS Perry gift wrap and this Perry cake )

For this one I used a needle and thread and threaded straight through the brim of the hat...easy peasy!

Our last ornament comes courtesy of my inlaws.  They went to Disneyland for Christmas and one of the gifts they brought back was this cute classic Minnie key chain

This was an super easy one because I just changed out the chain for some ribbon

The even cooler thing is that she's bendable so you can pose her however you want! Pretty awesome!

When you stop and think about how these key chains and antenna toppers only cost a few dollars you realize you can make like 5 ornaments for the cost of one!

That's a cheap ass Disney lovers dream!

Well...sadly this post concludes Disney week....but don't worry, I'm sure I'll have more soon

Here's a few links to Disney themed posts from a while back that weren't a part of this weeks round up

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