Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Photo Props (pink and brown wedding)

Hiring a company to run a photo booth is awesome.....we went to a wedding that had it once

You get the cool little printed out strip of photos that remind you of your tween mall rat days and makes you crave Cinnabons....but it was WAAAAAAY out of our budget

I mean Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I mean, I guess we could have...if we didn't want an officiant (who needs it to be legal anyway?)....or say..maybe music?....or me in a pretty ivory dresss (I curse way too much to wear white)

But call me crazy...those things are kinda important to me

But I still wanted people to get silly and take some I decided to just make props and let our photographer take over...along with our guests using their own cameras

Here are some of the items I made

Well actually I made like half of sister made the mustaches and pipe out of stiffened felt and the glasses are felt and glitter foam just glued to sticks

I painted the mask (it was in the Halloween section) to look like our kitty Mo

(You can read all about how we represented Mo in our wedding  here)

And made the ties out of foam and glued them to alligator clips so people could easily clip them on and off

I bought this little chalk board at Hobby Lobby

And painted over it in brown chalkboard paint.  This was before I found out on Pinterest that you can make your I paid out the booty for a jar of brown chalkboard paint....LAME!

And I painted the border pink

Then I threw in a bunch of store bought closely sticky to our wedding colors as possible

We had:

*Big pink sunglasses
*Pink and brown cowboy hats
*Pink foam glitter crown
*Sombrero.....a nod to The Boys Mexican heritage....arriba arriba!
*Chefs hat...since we met in Culinary school

And I put them all in this basket with a little sign on it

We had tons of fun with them!

Can you tell by the horrified look on my face that she'll be waiting a while on that one?

And this one here really chaps my lips.....

Nobody forced them to write this...this was a self proclamation to the world....and I'm still waiting,


Hurry. Up. Brian.

I would like to plan another wedding please

Oh...and I'm totally down with making you an OFFICIAL member of our crazy ass clan...we give out jackets!  Just a little bonus that might entice you ;)


It was fun!

And didn't cost us a gazillion dollars....and people still got to eat.....and drink.....and our marriage was legal

All good!

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