Thursday, January 24, 2013

"I Do" Wedding Heels

Volume II of customizing my wedding heels:

I had seen these cool "I Do" stickers to put on the bottom of your shoes on the this one

But I knew I could make it myself in exactly the font and size I would here's all I did

I lightly drew on the bottom of my shoe in pencil how I wanted the letters.  I found a font I liked and duplicated it

And glued on rhinstones one by one over the lines I drew

I used the glue that comes in my mothers packs of fake nails..bahahaha.  But hey..... it worked perfect!  The glue is super strong and the bottle is the perfect size for squeezing on such a small amount for a rhinestone

It went alot faster then I thought it would....a really easy project

And you could make them say whatever the hell you want

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