Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peppermint Frappe

I love me some candy canes...peppermint is delish!  But after Christmas there always seems to be an abundance of them lying around from every ones stockings

I blame it on the fact that they take so long to eat...unlike maybe a mini Twix bar for example....which were completely devoured by somebody before Christmas night was even over. 

 Every.  Single.  One.

So while the Twix, Kit Kats, amd Reese's Christmas tree never seem to be an issue....I hate to see those canes go to waste

Fear not....I have a solution

For years now in my family it has been a tradition to make Peppermint Frappes for dessert Christmas night

This year was the first time in 6 years that I didn't get to host Christmas  

And if you were doing the math  (I know you're not cuz really....nobody cares) yes that means I have been hosting Christmas since I was 17

Again this damn "earning a living" crap is cramping my since it was held at my sisters house this year the Frappes didn't happen

BUT I just made some last night for me and The Boy as I was gathering up all the leftover candy

Here's all you  need

Some Sprite "esque" soda, nilla cream cream, and your candy canes

Now this is a total Nonrecipe recipe

Do it all to your taste 

Just crush up your candies...either by whacking them in a ziplock bag or in the food processor

Then blend with your ice cream and some splashes of the soda to get it all going

Make it as minty as you like or however thick or thin you want

Some people like to suck it through a straw, I like it thick with a spoon

I haven't been able to find the top to my blender in over a year....but I keep holding out hope I'll find it.  So the blender sits in the cabinet and I used my immersion blender instead

Take a look at my mess

I want my top back!!!

Anyways....I like to hold back some of the crushed candies to spinkle on top.  I mix it through for a little added crunch

Go gather up your candy canes and get to blending!

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