Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY Adult Jessie and Woody Costumes

Welcome to my 100th post!

I feel like we should have a celebration like they do for the 100th day of Kindergarten.  We can let go of 100 balloons and I'll make anybody who reads bring a ziplock bag full of 100 items

Do they still do that in schools?

I'm pretty sure I brought popcorn kernels.  At least it was better than the 14 kids who brought pennies..........just sayin

Today is all about our Jessie and Woody outfits that we wore in California Adventure.  Like I said, we wanted to kinda sorta dress up this trip, but on a technicality Disney parks have a rule that no one over the age of 10 is to wear costumes to the park, with the exception of the Halloween Party

But me and The Boy didn't want to be FULL ON costumed out anyway.  More like regular clothes that elude to the characters

For MONTHS and MONTHS and MONTHS I was on the look out for a flannel shirt that would somewhat resemble Woody' didn't have to be perfect.....just close.  And since flannel is so in these days I really didn't think it would be a problem

I was wrong.

So I bought a plain yellow dress shirt at Goodwill for $2 as a back up....but kept looking

When we were hitting 3 days before and I still couldn't find a damn thing I knew it was time to give up the hunt

It came down to this

Lay the shirt down flat with a piece of cardboard in between the layers to prevent bleeding

Use a yardstick and pencil to create your grid pattern across the whole shirt

Then I went back over the lines with a red sharpie.  A fabric marker would be ideal but this was last minute, we already had the sharpie, and I knew he would never wear it again so I wasn't to worried about it lasting

 It's really pretty simple but it took FOREVER.   And then a little longer.....

But he wears an XL shirt....he's my gentle giant.  If your guys is say...a probably won't contemplate shooting yourself the way I did

Now for Jessie!

I knew I didn't want to sew anything or make the I wore a white button up shirt with a yellow tank top underneath

I still really wanted to represent the red ropey, scrolly, loopy deals she has on her shirt so I had an idea.....I would make it into a necklace!!

I formed some floral wire into the shape

And wrapped it tightly with red yarn and tied to stay in place

Attached it to some chain and that was it!

Now for the hats....we didn't want to wear a big ole hat all day, we knew it would be irritating.  But they're kinda necessary....what's a cowboy and cowgirl without their hats

So another stroke of genius...Toot too!  (<---that's me tooting my own horn)

I would make our hats our backpacks!  Ya know how cowboys do that thing where their hats are on their backs?

I got a red hat from Dollar Tree and I found this little drawstring bag on clearance for only .25 at Walmart......can't beat that!

I thought the yellow with red strings was perfect for the Jessie feel too

I didn't take pics of this part but I used a regular old hole puncher to punch holes all the way around the brim and strung white yarn through it, tied it off, then hot glued it in place

You could stop right here and have yourself an awesome dress up hat

I stuffed the hat with newspaper so it wouldn't get mashed down too easily

I hot glued a cardboard circle fit to the head to hold in the newspaper and give the hat structure

And glued the entire thing down onto the backpacks

I didn't take pictures when I was making the Woody bag (I should have!) but I did the same process but added cow print fabric to the drawstrings

Just like the red swirls, I wanted to represent Woody's cowprint vest without subjecting the boy to wearingone

I happened to have some cow print fabric that I cut into strips, folded over the strings, and sewed then closed around the strings

I left a little room so that it would still be able to slide up and down strings and therefore be adjustable

 We completed the Woody look with a sheriffs badge and a bandana

And to finish off Jessie I stuffed pieces of cow print felt into m front pockets as "chaps" and also folded a piece over my boots.....oh and a yellow ribbon in my hair of course!


It was cool because one of the photographers flagged us down because of our outfits and asked if we had met Jessie yet.  When she found out we hadn't she gave us the heads iup that she would be out in a few minutes and if we hung around we could be first in line.  So we did.  was standing face to face with The Boy when I felt a tap on my was Jessie!

We (me and Jessie) jumped up and down like little girls....I was pretty excited

Making the heart was Woodys idea

That about sums it up!

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  1. nice one! thank you for posting this. i was really hesitant on spending thousands for a jessie costume! Now I can make one :)