Monday, January 21, 2013

It's that time of year!!

Wedding season is quickly approaching!

So that means it's time for Wedding Week here at The Busy Broad

See how pumped everyone is for it?!?

Even the guys can't contain themselves......

Settle down have plenty of time to immerse yourself in all things wedding

A few key things to remember about the upcoming posts

*My wedding was November 3, 2011.....just over a year ago

*And we were engaged for a year and a half

         Which means some of these projects I did as far back as.....umm...... a long time ago?

Back then I didn't do much documentation.....I wasn't Miss Blogarama back then

Actually....I'm still not.  I'm pretty lame next to those fancy blogger moms...apparently you need human spawn to be a good blogger....I guess my cat doesn't count.....but I digress

I didn't do many step by step tutorial pictures....and the few pictures I did take were real bad and flashy.....and not the good kind of flashy like boobs or diamonds and blind you with the wash out of light kind

So please.....bear with me.  What these posts lack in good detailed pictures I promise they will make up for it with good ideas!

I can't wait to get started!

Come back tomorrow for the first post of many

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