Monday, December 30, 2013

MoMo Monday- Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year

MoMo had a wonderful Christmas.  She must have been a very good girl because Santa Paws was very generous this year.  She spent all of Christmas morning playing with her new loot and got herself all tuckered out.  She had to take a rest in the middle of her toys

Later on she even got a cool crinkle tent from her auntie, uncle, and cousin.  This is her first official house that isn't just a cardboard box of some kind

Now moving onto New Years.  MoMo has set a few resolutions

1.  Throw up less.  And if I do have to throw up at least aim for a wipeable surface.  Mommy hates that

2. Take more naps.  I really should be getting more rest

3. Try to cost mom and dad less than $1,600 in vet bills in 2014

4. Keep at least half my litter in the box when I go potty.  Mommy hates that too

 Ok, so maybe I gave her a few suggestions for that list.  But why can't her resolutions help everyone out...right?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

After Christmas Tips

The gifts have all been given and your house is a disaster  (at least mine is) I'm left with the task of trying to figure out where the hell I'm going to put all this new stuff??  It's time to get things in order and I'm here to least a little.  Here's a few tips for getting through the post Christmas chaos

1. Don't get your lights in a bunch

Much like your panties it's not fun when your Christmas lights get all in a twist.  Last year when I was taking down my lights I wrapped them around cardboard that I cut notches into.  Insert the plugs into the notches to hold it all in place

It made it super easy to decorate this year.  I just plugged them in and unraveled them around the tree.  No long strands to try to hold onto, just walk around the tree with your cardboard

2.  Label and date your gifts

Name and date! Name and date! Do I sound like your 3rd grade teacher? I'm not saying to go writing in the label of that sweater grandma gave you....but if you want to go knock yourself out.  I like to label all my keepsake type gifts with who I got it from and what year.  Especially for things like ornaments and seasonal decor that get packed away and not seen for months at a time.  It can be harder to remember.  And even if I do remember who gave it to me it's nice to see exactly what year it was

3. Save those bags and boxes!

This seemed like an obvious one to me until I realized that not everyone does this.  Why spend the money twice when you can just save what you already have on hand.  And if it's because you think it's borderline hoarding just pack it away with the rest of your Christmas stuff. Out of sight out of mind until next year.  You don't have to save everything....just the boxes that are still in nice shape and uncrinkled bags.  Plus, if you save all the ones you received gifts in it's like getting brand new ones without spending extra money. By doing this I only spend a few bucks a year buying boxes and gift bags

4.  Use up those candy canes

There always seems to be an excess of candy canes after Christmas that somehow sit around for months on end.  Here's a delicious recipe that my family always makes that will solve that problem 

Peppermint Frappe

5. Put away those seasonal mugs and cups

I pack away all my Christmas mugs, plates, cups, hand towels, etc with all the other decorations.  Not only will it save tons of space in your cabinet all year long but it will keep them novel, especially if you have kids.  The novelty of these items sort of wear off when you're drinking out of a Rudolph cup in June.  Packing it away will make it exciting when you get to use them again

6.  Organize NOW for next year

Nothing puts a damper on your Christmas decorating then being part way through decorating the tree and realizing you need another string of lights.  Or having everything thrown into boxes with no rhyme or reason to slow you down.  Replace those lights now or at least make notes of what you need so you'll be able to take care of it as soon as you get started next year.  Keep your boxes of decorations as organized as possible.  All the outside decorations in one box, lights in one, ornaments, inside decorations, or even broken down by room to room if you decorate the same way every year.  I know it's tempting to just throw everything in a box when you just want it done and back to normal but you will be glad next year when you bring it all back out

7. Stock up!

Everyone knows after Christmas sales can be great.  It's the perfect time to get new plastic storage bins, ornament hooks, lights, a new tree, or ornaments at a great discount.  The selection may not be as great but you'll be ready to go

There ya have it!  Just a few things to keep you organized and get you through the after Christmas chaos and transition you into the new year

New Year Resolutions and Goals

I totally get why some people are annoyed with resolutions. With it comes the onslaught of this kind of stuff.....

People who preach, preach, preach about it for a month....and then fall off whatever wagon they are on. I personally believe it's because people put way too many high expectations on them.  They make them too drastic....too unobtainable, too much,too fast.  (that's alot of "toos")

I think the idea of a New Year with a fresh start is over all a great thing but it would work a lot better if people would just be more realistic when setting them.  Instead of them being "resolutions" which too me automatically puts more pressure on the situation I prefer to just set goals.  Goals that I KNOW are obtainable

Like this.....this I can do

But really.  Don't go into it saying that by the end of the year you will go from a size 14 to a size 2.  Holy pressure Batman!  Instead set a smaller goal.  And then when you reach that you set a new one.  This is the same basic stuff we learned in freshman P.E. class.  (anybody else remember learning about goals in high school?)

I myself was never one for resolutions or goals until the last few years. In 2013 I set 2 of them

1. Gain less weight during the holidays.

Notice how I didn't say don't gain ANY weight...I just said less?  I knew saying none was too unrealistic (for me at least) and I would just end up driving myself crazy and put myself into a tizzy of guilt with each bite of bread pudding I ate Christmas day.  Last year I gained an INSANE amount of weight because I went hog wild from our anniversary vacation in early November all the way until New Years.  This year I knew I needed to reign it in and enjoy the holidays but be better in the time between....and I did.

Each year I get a little bit better and I think that is  healthier mind set than an all or nothing state of mind.  It's about knowing your strengths, your weaknesses, and finding that balance between pushing yourself to do better without becoming a basket case.

2. To learn to do my make up better and overall put more effort into my appearance

This may seem like a silly goal to some people but I don't think every goal needs to be this huge life altering thing.  I set this because I wanted to make myself feel better.  I have lacked confidence for many years and never thought I could dress the way I wanted to or wear makeup without looking like  Effie Trinket

Cute clothes in my head was only for skinny girls and make up always made me feel like I was trying too hard.  Yet I longed for feeling good about my appearance so that was why I set this goal.  To break out of that "it looks good on them but not me" mind set and gain some confidence.  Through this my Wardrobe Wednesday was born and I have had so much fun with it.  I still can't put make up on very all lol But I'm taking chances and learning.  I'm finally seeing myself as more than just the fat girl I used to be and learning to accept myself more.  Cheesy as hell? Absolutely!  But it's true

So those were my goals in 2013 and I feel like I have met them.  Check and check!!

Now moving onto 2014.  I am setting 3 goals

1. Get more seriously into yoga

Yoga is the only form of exercise I don't dread.  It is what got me in shape for my wedding and the only form of exercise I do when I am feeling motivated.  I like the way it sculpts my body and leans me out where as other things make me bulky and my stumpy frame doesn't need any added bulk lol  The problem I have with it though it that I tend to stick with it in the winter/spring...and then don't do it at all during the summer.  

I want to do it more than I have the past years but don't want to tell myself " have to do it 5 days a week every week this year" because like I said before...too much pressure that sets me up for failure.  Instead my way of measuring this goal will be to set mini goals within it.  Like being able to successfully hold certain poses I have never been able to hold before.  To get to that point it will take alot more practice than I previously have before which in turn will ensure I'm more diligent in my yoga practice.  Then, I can hopefully be a yoga badass.  Crow and headstand here I come!!!

2. Get beach ready

I know this is sort of a cliche one.  Every year I tell myself (not as a resolution per say but just in general) that I want to look good in a swimsuit for summer....and I never quite get to where I want to be.  I honestly think part of the problem is that I have never had anything really big motivating me to do it.  Let's face it...telling myself that if I do it I can strut my stuff feeling good at the local waterpark isn't enough to make me follow through.  I'll just skip the damn waterpark  

This year I finally have that motivating factor that I think will do it.  My sister is getting married in San Diego this June.  For the wedding itself I only need to get my arms in shape....our dresses will cover the rest....but this trip will be a wedding/mini vacation which I'm sure will include plenty of beach time.  I haven't been to the beach in years and have never gone feeling like I can walk the sand without feeling overly self conscious.  I just want to not have to suck in the whole time and jog a little without too much jiggling. Notice I'm not saying I want to be "bikini ready" because who body may never look good in a bikini lol  But I'm sure I could find a swim suit of some kind that I feel good doesn't have to be a bikin.  Just something I feel comfortable in without looking like Harry Houdini

And last but not least.....

3. Step up my blogging game

February 2014 will mark the 2 year anniversary of starting my blog and I feel it's time to start getting this blog baby of mine closer to what I always imagined it to be.  I'm not going to sit here and say "I need a million views by this date" or "I need this many followers by the end of the year"  Nope.  Instead I will start taking the small steps I need to just push me in the right direction.  I need a blog design, better networking, and more structure.  Those are all things I can work on that I know will help push me in the direction I want to take.  Even if it takes a while.  If any of you bloggers out there have any advice to offer I would love to hear it!

So there you have it.  My rambling thoughts on goals and setting yourself up for success.  I hope this was a little bit useful to somebody out there even if what I said was in no way ground breaking. 

What are your goals this year? Leave me a comment...I would love to hear them!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013 Recap

I'm not sure many people are all that interested in hearing about my Christmas....but this is my blog and I do what I want damn it!  ;)

First's a peek at our Christmas card picture this year.  For this first time I didn't get the actual  card emailed to me as an image and I couldn't save it onto my computer so here's the picture but not the card....booo!

The caption said....

"Mo! Mo! Mo! Merry Christmas"

Get it?.....get it? Cuz our cat is named MoMo.   I thought it was funny =)

Anywho.....we started off our day by opening gifts here at home.  Then, we ventured over to my in-laws house for lunch.  My favorite gift from them was Mickey's Christmas Carol on DVD.  I looked for it in years past but never could find it.  Come to find out this was the first year it was ever out on anything besides that explains it!

Then we ended our night over at my sisters house with my side of the family for dinner. The Boy made a delicious and very festive pork loin stuffed with spinach, cheese, and red peppers

We also had little baby steaks which were the cutest things ever! Along with asparagus, rolls, and a baked potato bar

We don't mess around!

And some donut bread pudding

Then it was gift time of course!  The little girls loved their American Girl doll accessories I made them.  Here's a sneak peek of just some of the stuff I made....posts to come soon!

 It seems like every year I have that one person that I have a million gifts for.  Whether I mean to or not I just keep finding stuff for them and either can't help but keeping buying them stuff or forget what I already have and get more.  Well this year that person was my niece Katie.  She is a HUGE Batman fanatic and here is one of the many Batman gifts I gave her

Overall it was a great Christmas.  I was so happy to have the day off from work this year which was all I really wanted!  Hope yours was great too!

I'm such a Christmas freak I have a really hard time letting go.  As I type this I have a Muppet Christmas Carol playing in the background and I'm wearing Christmas jammies...I'm just not ready!

I'll be posting a lot of New Year/ health/ fitness posts within the next week or so.  Can't wait to share with you all

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday- Beanie and Leather Jacket

This weeks post is about trying something new again.....a beanie!  I bought a few for cheap to give it a whirl....then maybe I'll get some nicer ones

Beanie: 99c Only
Boyfriend Tee: Target
Jeans: Ross
Boots: Ross

I think I annoyed my husband the day I wore this.  I must have asked him at least 14 times "Can I pull this look off?"  I didn't want to look like I was trying too hard to be a Seattle coffee hipster because that wasn't really my intent....even if it turned out that way

I was going for this

But it didn't quite work out the same.  She pulls it off so perfectly....still looking so feminine.  Being gorgeous doesn't hurt haha

My mother told me I looked like a biker chick.  I told her she was a crazy old woman.....but I think that may have played into my beanie insecurities.....way to go mom! ;)

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Holiday Blogging Dilemma

Every year around the holidays I have these grand ideas....a notebook full of post ideas all holiday related.  Every year I think I'm going to be the best Holiday blogger EVER (ok, not really....but I always intend to try) and then reality sets in.  I actually become a big sucky blogger.

I always think I'll have more time then I really do.  I always think I'll accomplish more than I ever can and that's not just in blogging....but in the whole holiday scheme of things in general.  Every year I get a little better.  I wrap presents a little earlier.  (I used to be up all night xmas eve with a Christmas Story playing in the background while I wrapped every single gift)  I shop a little smarter. I cook a little less.....but still somehow the blogging always takes a backseat and not because I want it to though and that's why I think it bothers me so much. 

I'll get so excited about something I'm crafting and want to run straight to my computer to blog about it right then and there.  Then, I realize it's a gift that I can't be putting online for family to see or it will ruin the surprise.  I'm sure you're biggie right? Just blog about it after the holidays.  This is true....but I have 2 issues that come along with that.  It still leaves me with no content to blog about NOW because my blog is all about what I'm up to in the present the vast majority of the time.  Also, one bad blogging quality of mine is that if I don't blog about something right then I tend to lose momentum and excitement over it and it never makes it to the screen.  The pictures just sit in my laptop unused until I can't even remember the details of what I did anymore to write about it well...poopy!

I also feel like I'm more so writing for the next year....which again isn't a bad thing, I just wish it could be more helpful to people NOW.  For example, this year I didn't get around to posting my pie recipes and tips for Thanksgiving until just a few days before.  You know how many people probably used any of that info??....0.00 people.  (that's a Bronx Beat reference for any die hards out there)  I so wish I could be one of those bloggers who does this stuff weeks and weeks ahead of time so you have plenty of time to use it....but I can't compete with that.  I don't have the time or money to make these things twice.

So maybe this post sounds like a big whine fest....but it's more about me having high hopes and expectations and feeling like I'm just not capable of following through...which sucks.

Any other bloggers feel like this?  Do you feel like this is the hardest time of year to keep up in the blogging world?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kids Christmas Sleepover Party

For a couple of years now I have been dreaming of having a Christmas extravaganza sleepover with my nieces.  Prior to this year though I worked two weekends a month and you know how quickly those go by in the month of December....not to mention that one weekend is always my birthday weekend so it really only leaves one.

Well, just a few months ago I got the amazing opportunity to get a Mon-Fri schedule with a new  position and jumped at that chance.  That means this year would finally be the year for the festivities I had been dreaming of!

Let's get started......

The first thing I did was save the date with their parents in like....September lol.  Maybe I was a little eager beaver but I know that month is hectic for everyone and the schedule fills up fast.  Then, about 2 weeks before I sent out official invitations

Sure I could have just called them and invited them, but what kid doesn't love getting mail?

 I put together a package of "Sleepover essentials" that I wrapped up as gifts for them to open upon arrival.  Each kiddo got a mug for cocoa, a Christmas plate, an apron for crafts, a snack bucket, a chocolate bar, and a box of gummy lifesavers

See MoMo supervising there?  She just wanted to be a part of things

After a few minutes of play time and loving on the cat, we started our first activity: Snoopy gingerbread doghouses

But first they had to put on their aprons

Then they set to work on their houses

I really liked this particular kit. They each got their own little house and with them being smaller everything was a little easier to handle and faster.  I think if it had been bigger and just one big house and not their own they would have lost interest much sooner

Then it was about tome for some grub! I kept it super simple and made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  A general crowd pleaser for kids and minimal effort on my part.

But I just can't help myself and cut them into Christmas had to be done

While our tummies digested we had a Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt.  It was such a big hit!  Even more than I expected it to be.  Go HERE to read a full post on it.

They loved it so much we ended up making more "I spy" games using all the Christmas decorations around the house.  It was so much fun!

Then it was time for present making.  I bought some really cool mason jar mugs with straws at 99c Only and a bunch of enamel acrylic paints.  I gave them some brushes and let them have at it

It was late by then and time to start winding down.  I set up a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, whipped cream, and mini candy canes.  I also put a spread of snack foods for them to create their own movie munch mix.  

Chex mix, peanut M& Ms, popcorn, pretzels....and more

This way they got to use the mug and bucket I gave them.  All set for movie time!

This one ^^ stayed up with me pretty late.  The other two however were out just a few minutes into A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Around midnight (yep...midnight) we finally called it quits

In the morning I made pancakes for breakfast with some subtle Christmas sprinkles for extra jolliness

Last but not least, before their parents came to pick them up we wrapped the mugs they painted.  I had baked and cooled them the night before to set the paint

We went through an obscene amount of tape but I really wanted to give them free rein when it came to the wrapping.  I think it's cuter that way ;)

Well that's the extent of the sleepover.  They had a lot of fun and so did I. Although I did need a 2 hour nap after they left....but it's all good!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday- Grey shirt with Lace Insert Sleeves

I go through major color phases.  One spring I had about 7 yellow shirts, another year I bought EVERYTHING in shades of brown, and right now I can't get enough grey in my wardrobe. It just looks so nice with everything!

Shirt: Thrifted Route 66
Jeans: Ross
Boots: Ross
Bangles: 99c Only

I fell in love with this shirt the second I saw it on Goodwill.  Lace is a big trend this year and I love that it is just in the sleeves...a perfect touch to an otherwise very simple shirt.  It's also one of the most comfy shirts ever! So soft and the flowiness allows me to eat a big meal and still cover up my food baby stomach lol

I hope you all have a wonder {Wardrobe} Wednesday!

Monday, December 9, 2013

MoMo Monday- Potty Time

You know those embarrassing pictures your mom took of you when you were little?

You know the ones of you going poo poo on the potty like a big boy/girl?

Well I'm pretty sure these pictures here are the feline equivalent

She makes the funniest face while dropping a deuce....but I'm sure I do too.  But lucky for me nobody is snapping pictures while I do it

Oh and for the record....I only took these pictures because I had the idea for this post.  I don't make a habit of taking photos of my dear child defecating.  Just thought I should be clear on that ;) 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday- Destroyed Denim and Button Up Blouse

I'm switching things up over here.  Today's Wardrobe Wednesday is featuring my sister Bree instead of myself.  Her outfit on Thanksgiving was just too cute to not share...way cuter than my outfit was that day haha

Shirt: Kohls
Jeans: Kohls
Shoes: Payless

It's one of those outfits that's super simple but makes you look put together and nice with minimal effort.  The perfect mix of casual with the destroyed denim and relaxed shoe but paired with a nice button up for balance.  She has even master the perfect front tuck...I need to try this look out on myself here Asap!

I had previously been hesitant about the whole moccasin trend but this look alone is making me rethink it.  I may  need to see it on myself and judge whether or not I can pull it off

Happy {Wardrobe} Wednesday!

Monday, December 2, 2013

MoMo Monday- Go Wildcats!

I've mentioned this before....but The Boy is the only Wildcat in my family full of Sun Devils.  This past Saturday was the big rivalry game and they all went together. 

Here's The Boy reppin his "A" while they can all go fork themselves ;)

Well.....the Wildcats got their booties kicked.  But being a Cardinals fan and a Wildcat you get used to these kinds of things lol

BUT....either way he had MoMo at home cheering along with him. Here she is posing for a picture with Wilbur

And laying on his U of A blankie watching a game

MoMo says..."Go Wildcats!"