Friday, March 30, 2018

Adult Easter Egg Hunt: Fun Egg Filler Ideas

There's something about the word "adult" that automatically makes things sound kinda dirty.  This egg hunt doesn't involve any leather, warming gels, or hot neighbors dropping by to help you "hide your eggs" and then before you know it one thing leads to another......nope.  Not here.  But if that's the kind of "adult" egg hunt you want to have, then you do you! Who am I to judge?

My adult egg hunt came to mind 2 years ago as I was reminiscing about the days of yore.  Back when the lead up to the big hunt was more than I could even bear…I was just soooo excited!  I’m a very nostalgic person and love to relive the magic of my childhood whenever possible. I decided egg hunts didn’t need to be a thing of the past. I’m an adult damn it and I will do as I please….and could I please have an Easter egg hunt? 

I sent a quick text out to the fam and everyone was on board. I asked each couple to bring a dozen filled eggs and to get as creative as they wanted.  I instantly got to work filling the bulk of the eggs myself.  Easter was over at my sisters house but seeing as how this activity was my idea I felt like the “host” of it and felt I should bring enough to ensure things would be interesting.  I filled about 50 eggs.  Here’s my completed bucket.  There’s even more than it looks because of all the teeny tiny ones that are nestled in there too

Easter day it was fun to have a role reversal with the kids.  They got to go out and hide all the eggs while we waited inside, buckets in hand ready to hunt!  After they were all well hid (or blatantly laid in the grass….ya know…whatever works) we snapped a quick group picture.  Here’s a glimpse into “Spring” Arizona style for all you out of staters.  Blindingly bright sun (thus the squinty eyed look on all our faces….flattering right?) and hot as balls.  It’s always 90 degrees minimum or so on Easter….ugh!

One thing I wish you could see better were all the Easter “baskets” we had.  My mom had a Subway box (random AF), one brother inlaw had a My Little Pony bucket, another had a beer box, and The Boy had an Igloo cooler lunch box. 

We hunted our little hearts out and it was just a thrilling as I remembered it being. Then it was time to go inside, dump the loot, and get to opening and sorting.  It was so much fun watching each other open the eggs.  I guess it could be kinda “meh” if you have a boring crew, but luckily my family is the bees knees and were as completely down with all the random crap as I was. And you don’t have to keep everything from your eggs either.  Tradesies is totally allowed in my book!  For example, one of my brother inlaws got a shade of nail polish that he thought might clash with the majority of is wardrobe.  Being the kind sister inlaw that I am, I took it off his hands because I like to help for the greater good of all….it’s what I do.

  Here’s a picture of some of the egg stuffers, but it doesn’t even begin to paint the picture of all the funny stuff there was.  Some items were more useful and others were more of a gag. I enjoyed a good mix of both to make it entertaining.

I’ve compiled a list of all the different items we had, but this is just a jumping off point.  You could do so much more! I enjoyed the hunt to find the items even more than the egg hunt itself.  It becomes a game trying to find as much as I could that would fit in an egg.  I suggest getting a wide range of egg sizes.  I had the teeny tiny little ones that I filled with things like pills and mints all the way up to the giant ones that held the little booze bottles and the gift card. 

Here’s the list

  • Candy (duh)

  •   Corn nuts

  •  Mints

  • Gum

  •  Peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets

  •   Mini alcohol bottles

  •   Lense cleaning wipes (both cloth and disposable packets)

  •   Golf tees

  •   Various sleep aids (any pills that didn’t come in foil that said what it was I placed a tiny note inside stating what it was)

  •   Skin tag remover (ha! It looked like a tube of chapstick)

  •   Chapstick

  •   Nail polish

  •   Cascade dishwashing pouches (I did the 2 years ago pre-tide pod eating craze)

  •   Socks

  •   Funny band aids

  •   Mole skin

  •   Corn pads

  •   Shotgun shells (I was super pumped about this one thinking I was being super creative.  Then when I was opening my eggs I got a green shell when I had only used red ones.  My brother inlaw had the same idea as me!)

  •   Immodium

  •   Charcoal and milk thistle capsules (good for preventing hangovers)

  •   Olive packets

  •   Mini hot sauce bottles and packets

  •   Tajin packets

  •   Car vent air fresheners

  •   Money

  •   Scratcher tickets (we put the coin in the egg to use for scratching off along with a note explaining that you got a scratcher since they didn’t fit inside)

  •   Shout wipes

  •   Gift Card (if you don’t want to include this in the actual hunt you could make it into some sort of game or contest.  Whoever has the most (or least) eggs found could get it or something like that)

That’s all I can remember for now.  I’m sure there was more that I’m forgetting but that tends to happen when you wait 2 years to write about it. 

If you come up with any other fun egg fillers I would love to hear them! Leave me a comment below.

Happy hunting!


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  2. THis is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing. I hope your tradition continues for generations to come!!