Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Here Comes The Bride/ Just Married Sign

FYI....I'm suddenly realizing that I have ALOT more posts about weddings than I knew about.  So as of today Wedding Week is now renamed "Wedding NowOveraWeekIGuessIWillGoUntilWhenever theHellIRunOutofPosts"

Did ya catch that?

We didn't really do the whole flower girl situation very traditional

First off, we didn't have a flower girl we had flower girlS

Yes 2.

My two youngest nieces Brooke and Elsa

Second, there was to be no throwing of the petals

Not that I have anything against it I won't laugh at you if you throw some petals around or anything  (just make those petals $20 bills...mmkay?)

It's just not really "me"

Instead my niece Brooke carried a small bouquet of the coffee filter roses and a small stuffed cat that was to represent my precious Mo Mo kitty which you can see here

And Elsa was in charge of carrying the sign

I got these cute plain pink wood signs at Hobby Lobby in the Valentine's Day section for a $1 a piece

I had my sister Kinsey, the family artist, paint "Here Comes The Bride" on one side

And "Just Married" on the other

Looks like we didn't get any shots of them holding it on the bride side....darn.....

But we got quite a few of the Just Married ones

We tried to make things as easy as possible for a 6 year old.  Here cue to flip the sign over was when we kissed....she took her role very seriously and she got the job done!

They carried it again as the were announced at the reception

And another random shot at the very end of the night

Cute huh?  

The kid.

And the sign.

Oh...and The Boy

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