Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bra Pong

 When I first presented the idea of a poolside Showerette to my sister (more details on the full party to come)  she text me a few days later asking if she could make one request

I instantly started to sweat and assumed she had changed her mind and hated the entire idea...but of course I replied "sure"

Here one request:  Can we please play bra pong!?!?

Wheew! Sigh of relief....and of course!

I instantly began researching it all over Pinterest and Google. There were a TON of pictures....but nobody had any real directions on how they actually played it.  And considering my severe emetophobia I have never been to a house party in my life where beer pong was being played....I'm a complete rookie.

That's where I had to consult The Boy.  He explained to me that the actual rules wouldn't work at all so we made up our own rules from scratch....but we''ll get to those later on in the post.

First I'll show you how we made the board.  I hit up Goodwill on 50% Saturday and bought all the bright colored bras I could find

Then I bought a display board.....the first one I've bought since my 8th grade science project. Talk about a walk down memory lane.

I stapled the bras to the board but then later they started to fall out little by little so I hit them with a little hot glue action too.  I put the smaller bras at the top of the board and the bigger ones toward the bottom with the idea being that they are worth more points at the top and less points working down.  It was at this point that I packed it up before finishing and schlepped it over to my sisters house where the party was being held.

We picked up her kids from school and dropped them at the house before running up to the store for the last few things.  That's when my sister got this  text from my niece

I guess a board of bras would be an odd thing to find on your kitchen table as a kid. Haha! 

When we got back we got started on the decorating of the board.  Put the rules for the game on one side and some fun doodles and decorations on the other side.  It was The Boy's genius idea to make the "B" look like a bra.  He's pretty smart sometimes....

Now for the rules.  I always think rules sound waaaaay more complicated when they are written. It always sounds so wordy.  But once you get it you realize it's not that complicated it all

Here goes:

*The game is played tournament style so make a bracket of everyone playing

*Each match between 2 people has 3 turns - 1 throw per person per turn. 
       -Each turn also has a shot. So there are 3 shots per match
*Each player takes a turn. The person with the highest score per turn wins and the loser takes a shot
*In the event of a tie (whether it be scoring the same number of points or both people miss) the shot from that turn gets moved to the next turn, so the stakes get higher
*For example, say both players miss the shot in the first turn, that shot moves to the second turn.  In the second turn say a person scores scores higher than the other and wins that round.  The loser then takes 2 shots because the shot from the tied first turn was added to the second turn.
*The person who takes the most of the 3 shots in the match is the loser and is eliminated.  The winner continues in the tournament

Reread it a few times and I promise it won't be so confusing haha

Here's a few pictures of it all in action

Here's the bride

 The 3 shots per match all lined up ready to go


And losing......

I think my sister Heather enjoyed losing a little too much ;)

Overall I think it turned out pretty good! It was fun and even those who didn't participate seemed content to watch and laugh at the losers haha

And I've decided I can't part with the board just yet so I have it chucked out in the garage. I'm sure I'll pull it out for a BBQ sometime 

Happy Bra Ponging!


  1. I love this, thanks for sharing! What size bras did you end up using? My sister is going to love it!

  2. This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

  3. so i guess you throw a ping pong ball and try and make it land in the bras..... that part was missed, lucky there was a picute

    1. This is one of my most popular posts and repins ever and you are the first to notice. Guess it was pretty self explanatory lol

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