Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY Dollar Dance Bag

It seems that in the wedding world the subject of the "Dollar Dance" can be rather controversial....who knew?

I found this out on The Knot forums

While 70% of the time that website gave you useful tips, ideas, projects, and over all support.....the other 30% was wack-a-doodle-doo!

Them bitches be all cray cray!

I get that it's a forum full of women, and women tend to be catty over the top crazy hoes anyway......but something about the anonymity of internet seemed to give these ladies the freedom to let their inner crazy run wild.....especially over 2 subjects.  The first being cash vs. open bar and the second being the dollar dance

I get it.  The dollar dance isn't for everyone.  It's just flat out not some peoples style....but I just didn't get how these ladies seemed to feel the need to jump allllll over the girls that said they were doing it telling them they were trashy, tacky, classless, and money grubbing.  

They would said 'How DARE you ask your guests for money??"

Hindsight I would have LOVED to have just simply posted this to them in reply

Word to your dog.

I don't like it....don't do it.  And if you don't like it and happen to attend a wedding that does hold a dollar dance....keep your mouth shut.  Nobody says you have to participate.  And after's not like it's THE ONE AND ONLY opportunity you'll have all night to dance with the bride and groom.

So untwist your panties and get over it.  (I'm stepping off my soap box now)  Funny how a year and a half later it still bothers me that people are such crazies!!

Me on the other hand....I wanted one.  Not only because it's tradition in my husbands family but also just because I think it's fun.  Our families have alot of "dancers" so we knew they would have fun with it.....and the added perk of a few bucks towards the honeymoon doesn't hurt either

Because after all...............

I knew I wanted a cute bag to hold the money in.  I didn't want a fancy shmancy satin bag like I kept seeing all over the place....and then it hit me!

I wanted it to look like a bank robbers bag!  Big dollar sign and all!

So I bought one of ebay for $1.99 (free shipping)

Looked like this one here

And carefully hand painted over the dollar sign with Mod Podge and glittered it pink to match my colors

It was quite handy!

And the dances were fun

And nobody got pissed that we DEMANDED money out of them ;)

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  1. New follower from Take-a-Look Tuesday at Busy Bee Crafts. I'll take the time to say that I think it's cool that you redid the money bag in your wedding colors.

    Now I have to go outside and laugh about the "cray cray" comment so I don't wake up my sleeping kiddoes! :D