Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Leopard Scarf and Wedge Ankle Boots

Sisters are great...I have 3.  You know why they're so great?  Besides the fact that they're your built in best friends and you love them and crap....they're great for sharing clothes!

My sister Kinsey and I shared a TON of stuff going into our teenage years.  We only get to share select actual CLOTHES because she is tall and skinny and let's face it.....I am neither of those things.  We could only share some shirts because she would wear them loose and then I would wear the same shirt but tight.  For about 5 seconds before I became a huge fatty we shared some jeans because what she took up in length I took up in the butt haha.  Then....I got fat and she got skinnier and that left us only one thing to!

And man did we ever have a collection!  We were also the same size as our other sister above us so we had a MASSIVE collection.  You almost didn't even stop to think about who actually owned and bought the shoes....they just became communal.  That's why when she moved out a few years ago the shoe situation hit me hard!  Suddenly all my shoes were gone....and my best friend!  That's a rough transition for a girl.

Now that we live apart there's a lot less sharing going on....but we still hit each other up from time to time for jewelry and certain heels for ocassions.  That is until this weekend I text her about her adorable boots she recently bought asking if I could borrow them just for this post.  Like a good big sister she obliged.

Long sleeve shirt: Target
Leopard Scarf: Kohls
Jeans: Charlotte Russe (Refuge)
Boots: Target (Merona)

Aren't they flippin adorable? And so comfy too!  I'm kinda thinking I need a pair for myself...but it might be too late.  I have them sitting out in my living room to give back to her but every single time I pass them I stop, admire, and smile.  Now that's the sign of a good shoe yo!

Monday, January 27, 2014

MoMo Monday- All Doped Up

Last March MoMo had to have surgery to remove a uteran stump.  That whole debacle is another story for another is about her post surgery loopiness

When we finally found a vet willing to move forward with the surgery it was considered sort of emergency.  Not like she was going to die tomorrow emergency...but enough that they were willing to do it that day without being prescheduled.

Now because of it's "emergency" status she had her surgery very late in the day.  Like she came out of surgery around 6:30 pm and I was there to pick her up at 7:30pm.  The normal protocol for surgeries is that you drop off your pet right at opening, they generally perform all of them mid morning to early afternoon, then they hold your pet all day and you pick them up at close. 

The reason they do it this way is so that your pet has plenty of time to "come down" off their anesthesia and other meds.  They warned me that since she didn't get her time to let everything wear off that she might be kinda crazy.  I had no idea what I was in for

At first I thought it would be a good idea to just leave her in her carrier for a while and let her sleep.  After all, that's exactly how it would have gone down in the vets office.  Within in 10 minutes of being home though she got all prison inmate crazy on me.  She was banging her little head on the bars of the carrier. She even started biting the bars! I was so afraid she was going to knock herself out that I opened up the door

Here's the video of that

 As you can see, she was seeing something that the rest of us weren't lol

A few minutes later I took this video of her trying to move around a little more.  Her back legs weren't cooperating too well


It was after this video that things got REALLY bad.  She finally got herself up a little to walk but she would lose control but have so much momentum going that she was literally slipping and sliding all over the damn place and slamming into walls.  I couldn't even keep up with her. It was crazy how quickly she would get up and then lose control and go flying across the room before I could even get to her. Homegirl was high as a kite! I was so afraid she would break something or pop a stitch that I had to take drastic measures....a padded cell

I needed to keep her confined to a small area that she could walk around in but not hurt herself.  So I grabbed all the pillows and blankets and made her a padded cell...errrr...fort.  Yea, fort sounds better!

This was how it started out.  Just a few minutes into it though she was still trying to scale the pillow walls and get out so I had to add even more to deter her

The rest of the night was just me and her in our little fort with me pulling her down off the pillows every five seconds and petting her constantly for about 3 hours until she finally calmed down

Word to the wise....if at all possible don't ever bring your furry child home immediately after surgery.  It sucks.

My poor little doped up baby! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Low Carb Chicken Nuggets

Me and nuggets o' chicken go way back. Served with gobs of ranch they were one of my favorite dinners as a kid. My mom would buy the good ones from Schwans.  As I got older my sister Kinsey and I loved hitting up the McDonalds drive thru late at night for some tasty boot shaped chicken and The Boy and I frequented Wendy's after school when we were dating.  Basically, I love them.  But trips to the drive thru are very rare these days as I've started focusing on my health the last 2-3 years or so.  I had a serious hankering the other day and knew I needed to make some ASAP that fit my healthier eating habits.  I actually can't believe I had not made my own low carb version before now....crazy!

Here's my thought process.  I remember my sister telling me she had made some for her kids with an almond meal breading and they loved them.  Then again I'm also in love with a parmesan cheese breading like I use for my Low Carb Mozzarella Sticks and my Eggplant Parm I figured combining the two couldn't be bad...right?

So here's what I did.  First I cut up four huge chicken breasts into chunks. When I say they were huge I mean they were HUGE.  Like this is totally not natural huge.  Like how much hormones did they pump into this single chicken huge.  Like no wonder little girls are getting boobs at the age of 6 from all the hormones we eat huge.....

Note to self: Make more money so I can afford to buy chicken that isn't pumped full of crap

Then I mixed up equal parts almond meal and grated parmesan cheese.  1 cup of each was enough for these 4 breasts.  Season with seasonings of your choice.  I used Garlic Herb Mrs. Dash, salt, and pepper.  I dipped my finger in the goodness to see if it was seasoned enough.  That's the beauty of can do that to parmesan cheese and ground almonds.  You wouldn't be able to dip your finger in plain flour and taste if it's ready or not now would ya?  Consider that another low carb win...

Looks like I got all caught up in the process and forgot to take pictures but it's pretty simple.  Whisk a few eggs in a bowl, dip your chicken in it, and roll it in your breading.  Place on a parchment or wax paper lined baking sheet

Place the whole pan of these in the freezer.  Just like I did with my eggplant parm and mozzarella sticks the freezing helps the crust adhere better to the food.  It will also keep the cheese from melting too quickly when you go to fry it later.

I stuck them in the freezer with every intention of making them for dinner that night.  Then I took a nap and woke up too lazy to do I simply bagged them up and put them back in the freezer.  

I realized that this is awesome though!  One day you could bread up a whole bunch and freeze them in bags to pull out whenever you want.   I didn't end up pulling them out to use until over a week later but it all worked out beautifully

Just lightly pan fry them to get a golden color. It actually took very little oil for anybody who is concerned with it being fried. Make sure your oil is nice and hot or the breading will start to fall off before it can get brown and crispy. 

Then place them on your cookie sheet and bake at 350 until they reach 165 degrees. (I actually placed mine on a cooling rack and then placed the entire rack over the baking sheet. This way they get crispy all around and not soggy on the bottom) The bake time all depends on how big you cut them or how long you fried them....but mine took about 15 minutes.

They were so stinkin good! Totally satisfied my craving.  

Oh and for the record....those aren't french fries.  They're rutabaga fries.  It really completed the nostalgic childhood meal feel

*Note: I tried baking a few just to see how they would turn out.  I sprayed them with a little cooking spray and baked them at 350.  By the time they got to a point of crispiness that I liked they were sort of dry on the inside.  Frying is the way to go for me because I like my nuggets more crisp...but if you don't mind a less crunchy nugget than baking might work for you

Low Carb Chicken Nuggets

4 chicken breasts cut into chunks
2 eggs whisked in a small bowl
1 cup grated parmesan cheese
1 cup almond meal
Seasonings of choice
Oil to pan fry

Combine the cheese, almond meal, and seasonings in a bowl.  Dip the chicken chunks in egg, roll in the cheese/almond mixture, and place on a parchment or wax paper lined baking sheet.  Once they are all breaded place the whole pan in the freezer to let the breading adhere better.  Once frozen, pan fry the chicken in hot oil until golden brown.  Place on a baking sheet (or on a cooling rack placed over a baking sheet to get crispy all over) and bake at 350 until they reach 165

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday-Stripes on Stripes

So I's not's Thursday.  But I am such a creature of routine and habit that having to go into work early yesterday totally throw me off my already el sucko blogger game.  But I'm here....I'm just fashionably late.  Get it?....cuz it's Wardrobe Wednesday?.....Merp!! ;)

So I think that most girls have a "thing" when it comes to their wardrobe.  Some stick to a specific color.  (We all know those girls whose whole closet is made up of black) others are "layerERs", and some girls are polka dot girls.  I would say I'm a stripes girl.  

I never even noticed until going through my clothes to donate earlier this week. And this isn't even all of it

I have a stripes addiction....but I have no intention on giving it up.  

In fact, recently I've been very intrigued by some stripes on stripes pins I've come across on Pinterest. 

Cute right?

(Sources working clockwise)

1. 2. 3. 4.

So I dug through my pile o stripes and came up with this....also because I had been itching to wear my red jeans again

Cardigan: Forever 21
Shirt: Ross
Jeans: Ross
Flats: Gifted....not sure

Personally I love this look....about 80% of the time.  I think the 20% where I look in the mirror with a question mark is only because I feel like I'm breaking some sort of rule....which I need to get over. I'm going to keep experimenting with this look will justify my mass quantity of striped clothes.

Monday, January 20, 2014

MoMo Monday- Wheezy

I always feel so guilty when MoMo gets a serious wheezy hairball.  It's sort of sad to watch but hilarious at the same time so I'm always laughing at her....bad mommy!

Her head gets all flat and smooshy, her ears go back all Yoda style and it sound like she's saying "Pooo......Poooooo"  

Poor love.  But it makes for good entertainment

Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Arizona Cardinals Trashcan

Remember when I made the Sun Devils trash can for my broskie inlaws birthday?

Well, I made another version for my inlaws for Christmas.  They're HUGE Cardinals fans and have been season ticket holders forever and ever.  They're garage at their main house is already pretty decked out in Cardinals gear but they finished a garage up at their cabin not too long ago and I figured it needed some football lovin too.  So I made them this

I made it just how I did before.  Made my own template of the logo and cut piece by piece from craft foam and hot glued it all together.  It's that easy....and cheap!
I intended it to be for the garage but it would also be perfect for a man cave or themed bathroom. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Striped Tshirt, Denim Vest, and Leggings

So I'm not sure what it's like where you live, but here in AZ we are definitely already past our "Winter" weather.  I say "Winter" because we really only have two seasons here, Summer and Spring.  Literally our Winter temps are Spring and Fall temperatures most everywhere else.  It's already back in the 70s most days here.  So needless to say my winter attire was short lived (I never even got to wear my pea coat!!) which is sad because I love winter clothes the most.  There seems to be so much you can do with all the layering and scarves and cute jackets.  Oh well....I guess there's always next year....right? So I'm moving on to Spring wear this week

This past weekend we went shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my sisters wedding.  I needed something comfortable and relatively easy to change in and out of.  Like the crazy person I am I was literally cutting this vest for myself really quick right before leaving to complete the look....but I'm glad I did because I'm loving this vest!

Vest: Thrifted
Striped T: Ross
Leggings: Ross
Sunglasses: Ross

Please excuse my rats nest hair.  I took these pictures after the shopping and my hair had its share of dresses and things being pulled over it about 100 times.  Then, when I saw it in the pics I REALLY didn't want to go back outside to take new pictures because I'm sure my neighbors already think I'm a conceited lunatic always taking my pictures of myself in the front yard.  I try to keep it to one 5 minute session a week...I feel better about it that way lol

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY Jane Austen Shirt

Slowly but surely I've been going through some of the pictures on my computer....which is like a crap ton.  I keep finding all sorts of stuff I intended to blog and never got around these pictures.  This project was a Christmas gift for my mom.  No....not this past 2012 Christmas.  So yea.....I'm behind

It was just a few days before Christmas and I wanted to give my mom one more gift.  It couldn't be expensive....I had already spent the majority of my budget.  Like it needed to cost me $10 or less kind of thing.  A light bulb went off and I knew I had to make her something Jane Austen.  

She watches the movies based on her books over and over and OVER.  You'll be like...." just watched this twice yesterday"......and she's all "Yea but this time I have the subtitles on so I catch every word."  Yep.....that's her

Thinking I was all cool and super creative I thought up the idea of a "Jane Austen Is My Homegirl" shirt.   Stemming from the fad a few years back with all the "Jesus Is My Homeboy" shirts.  Which looking back I realize was more than just a few years ago.....a few would have been 2011 and it's definitely been longer than that.  But I stand by the fact that once you are out of school or don't have kids with school years to break the time up.....the years just run together and feel the I right?  Or is it just me?

Anyways I think I'm hilarious and creative over here and then I decided to google the phrase and whadaya's already a thing. I'm not as original as I thought I was.  This sort of thing happens to me all the time but I'm just starting to think that with the trillions of people in this world there's just no such thing as original anyway anymore.  I'm going to go with that logic.

Good news was there were no shirts... just bags and such (at least at the time) So I perked up and went about making her a shirt.

I bought a plain black long sleeved shirt and dug through my stash and found some basic iron on letters.  A freezer paper stencil or one using a cutting machine if you have one would be great too but this made it super easy on me for just a few days before Christmas

Iron those babies on and you are set to go

And she loves it and rocks it like the champ that she is

Monday, January 13, 2014

MoMo Monday-Time Out

So MoMo has recently started a new thing in our morning routine. She had always pawed her way into the bathroom to be with me while I get ready.  Usually she just sat on the floor or toilet seat just starring up at me.

Now she comes in, meows a bit, rubs my leg with her face, begs for a few scratches.....then makes her way over to the corner and just sits.  Yep....she just sits there, nose in the corner.  It's as if she's putting herself in time out

Imma thinking she must have a guilty conscious about something she did.  What did you do MoMo???

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Surviving Norovirus Season with Emetophobia

As if everyday life isn't enough of to make us emetophobics a  nervous wreck all the time....norovirus season makes me want to check myself into a mental hospital.  Not only because it makes me a crazy paranoid basket case (even more than normal) but also because an isolated room with minimal contact to the outside world and all it's germ carrying people sounds incredibly appealing.

So here's the thing...I wrote the above paragraph one morning before work, saved it and left.  I do that a lot.  When an idea comes I'll just start writing even if it's only a few sentences to get me going.  Anyway, I wrote that paragraph and went to work.  When I got there I found out our morning cook had gone home early because he was on the verge of throwing up....again.  Another one of our cooks had been out the day before but had shown up that day.  He he said that he too had been throwing up yesterday and lost about 8lbs.  My mind instantly raced back to how 2 days prior my friend and coworker had complained of her stomach hurting all day and the next day she told me she threw up once when she got home.  We had chalked up her stomach issues to some sort of ulcer, caffeine fueled thing but  now I knew that 3 people, 3 days in a row could only mean one thing....norovirus!!

I instantly went into survival mode.  That doesn't mean breaking out a gun or shank...or a cross bow if you're Daryl Dixon (I <3 him) my world it means breaking out apple cider vinegar. (I'll explain why later on in this post)  Mind you I had only been at work and clocked in for maybe 4 minutes and I was running to our store room for the gallon jug of vinegar.  I went and found and our little plastic dressing PC cups, lined them up and started pouring shots of it for anyone who wanted to partake.  I was kind of a pusher....but I meant well. Who the hell wants the pukes...I mean really?

Everyone was a champ....they downed it with sour looks on their face.  One person even said "Oh my god tastes like my mothers cucumber salad."  I thought that was pretty funny.

I went on about my day only slightly anxious.  I felt better that the current culprit of the bug was gone and that I had at least done SOMETHING to try and contribute to stopping its spread.  I was a little on edge but able to function pretty normally.

Through the grapevine I heard that he was out the entire weekend as well.  I was just happy to be off work and out of the incubator of sickies for a few days.  Come Monday when I walked in I instantly surveyed the kitchen as I opened my locker.  I saw him at he sink washing his hands and thought "Phew....he must be feeling better...we're all good" I was wrong.  He didn't feel better and he looked kinda rough too.  I guess he even told a supervisor he didn't think he should be there but they told him they didn't have a replacement and that he needed to stay.  Now I wasn't there for that I can't vouch for it but I wouldn't doubt it for a second.  Those are the kinds of things that happen when you work for people who are terrified of ever having to do more than just stand there and watch as the rest of us deal with everything as they get paid 3-4x more than us....but that's another post.

So he stayed.  And I was a flippin WRECK!  I felt jittery nervous all day long and tried to avoid him at all costs.  Most days because I do prep and I'm in my own little world I spend most of my day working by myself in a corner in the back of the kitchen....and I like it that way.  Of course today of allllll days I had to use the deep fryer for hours on end which meant working right next time him.  Like literally....RIGHT here.  Shoot me.

I kept anticipating his movements.  Everytime he moved relatively quickly I would back up and be ready to make a run for it.  It sucks because your stuck in this place where you are trying to avoid this person and their inevitable sickness at all costs...but you CAN'T look away! I must know whats going on with them at all times.  It's not being able to take your eyes off a card just sucks you in. He kept putting his hands on the table,  putting his head back, closing his eyes, and breathing deeply.  That is not a good sign at all!!!  That is the sign of someone holding back their yacks.  He would look over and say "I know I'm making you nervous."  (no shit!)  "But don't worry....I'll run for it."

Here's what people don't understand.  Yes, by no means do I ever want to see, hear, or smell you puke. EVER!  But it's also way more than that.  At that point it was way past just the fear of him vomiting at any was the fact that he was breathing my air.  I know that totally sounds like stuck up bitch....but I mean that he was breathing his nastiness all day around me and all the people I surround myself with 40 hours a week and touching all the same surfaces. It was more than I could handle.  I kept having to run over to my coworker Stacey and vent.  I probably went to her about 14 times saying " I can't take this.....oh my god I can't take this."

That very same day all this was happening at work a friend of mine posted on Facebook that they went to work but they were still throwing up.  Dealing with it on my own end and knowing that there are other people out there doing the same and just showing up to work with an incredibly contagious sickness such as this honestly makes me angry.  Yep.  Angry.  Maybe what I'm about to say is rude.  Honestly though.....I don't care.  In the first post I wrote about living with emetophobia I talked about how the paralyzing fear that comes with having a phobia can make you seem cold, uncompassionate, and down right mean sometimes.  While this is true and plays into my next statement....I also think my thoughts have  a lot of valid points to it.

I want to scream at them....Get the fuck out of here! Nobody wants you here!  I think that knowingly showing up to work while throwing up from the stomach flu is not only gross it is rude, inconsiderate, and frankly irresponsible.  It's not a small case of the're not throwing up from a night of're throwing up because you have a very contagious virus that you are now exposing all your coworkers too.  Way to fuckin go!!!  How am I not right here?  Who is going to say...yea up to work....puke all over the place....and spread it around.....we're all good with it.  No biggie. 

So gross.

 Now moving on from my tantrum...I wanted to share with you some facts on norovirus.  While they can be alarming at first I think it will ultimately help you as it did me.  Ignorance isn't always bliss. 

*Norovirus can be in your system up to 2 days before you even begin to show symptoms.  Therefore you are contagious before you even know it.  Exactly why practicing proper hygiene is important all the time.

*You are most contagious while showing symptoms as well as for 3 fulls days after symptoms subside.  Remain cautious around those who you know have been sick, including that coworker who is back at work feeling "just fine"

* Norovirus is spread orally. Meaning it takes "ingestion" for you to catch it.  It's spread through coming in contact with fecal matter or vomit that you ingest by means of eating food prepared but dirty infected hands, touching an infected surface and then biting your nails etc.  Basically, WASH THOSE HANDS!  When you a person vomits violently, microscopic bits of vomit (or fecal matter for that matter when it is violently coming out the other end) spray everywhere.  Then live on surfaces just waiting for you to touch and pick it up.  Yummy!

*80% of Norovirus outbreaks occur between November and April.  This is exactly why it is called Norovirus season.  It is believed to be caused by the cooler weather forcing people into closer quarters making its spread much quicker and easier.  Keep your guard up during these months

*It is resistant to disinfectants.  While I still promote the use of Lysol wipes and other similar products for the disinfecting of all sorts of nastiness...unfortunately they are no match for Norovirus.  That pump of Purell won't do anything either.  The only way to get rid of it is with a mix of bleach and water or physically washing it down the drain with soap and water.  Wash those hands!!

*It can live in fabrics for up to 12 days. That's right folk....your blankies, couches, clothes, and any other fabrics latch onto that yuckiness for 12 whole days making it super easy to keep spreading to new victims.  Wash any blankets, sheets, and clothes that came in contact with anyone infected.  This is just a tip of my own, but if your sicky poo insists on laying on the couch consider covering it in layers of shhets and blankets that can be thrown in the washing machine since your couch can't be....yet.  Invention idea??? ;)

So while reading those things scared me at first and made me want to strip naked and boil myself in bleach water....I realized it will only help me.  The more you know the more chances you have of avoiding it yourself

Now for a few tips on prevention.  Obviously you have probably picked up that handwashing is a big one.  It always is when it comes to staying healthy but I have a few more for you.  I haven't been sick with ANYTHING the entire year of 2013.  I don't even recall being sick in 2012 either.  Sometimes I feel sort of crappy but I am never full blown sick.  I think I just feel crappy and tired because my body is fighting it off...never actually succumbing to it.  

*Coconut Oil- Coconut oil is good for you for a variety of reasons.  So many that it would take a whole post to talk about.  One thing though in particular is that it boosts your immune system.  I believe that the tablespoon of coconut oil that I put in my bulletproof coffee every morning plays a big role in keeping me healthy

*Apple Cider Vinegar-  Apple cider vinegar is also one of the best things on the face of this planet for your health.  Even better is that it can specifically help ward off Norovirus.  Remember how earlier in the post I told you how I had my coworkers doing shots of ACV?  Well, that's because it changes the PH levels in your stomach making it nearly impossible for the norovirus to survive.  Once you are already sick with the virus it's not really effective but is great when used as a preventative measure.  I've heard how some mothers SWEAR by this method for their children but use grape juice instead.  They have their child drink a small glass every morning especially during norovirus season.  I don't need the added sugar so the vinegar works just fine for me.  Organic vinegar like Braggs brand is the best way to go.  My sister has mixed the vinegar with a little crystal light for her kids and said it comes out tasting sort of like a sour patch kid. Cheers to that!

*Lemon- This last one isn't really about prevention of the virus, but about helping with nausea.  I'm the type of person you gets nauseated anytime that I am anxious or overly tired....which has lead to many bouts of nausea at work.  A friend if mine told me to start sucking on lemon wedges and whaddaya works!  I had to know why so I researched it.  Apparently the excess saliva that comes with feeling a little nauseous only makes it worse.  The natural tannins in the lemon have a drying effect in your mouth (much like red wine) which in turns drys up the excess saliva and helps ease the nausea.  Pretty cool huh?

Well there ya have it....everything you never wanted to know about the stomach flu.  I will always be trying my best to avoid this nasty bug....but I have to admit.  If I ever do get it I would rather piss out my ass than throw up.  So my plea to the universe is....If I have to get it, please send it south and not north.  I would be forever grateful.  K thanks.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday-Blazer and Leggings

I bought this black blazer last year and I'm so in love with it I feel like I need one in every color.  I just love everything about them.  I love how structured they are and how they can easily be dressed up or down.  Paired with a skirt you have a nice outfit for an evening out or even for the office. Pair that same jacket with jeans or leggings and you have a more casual outfit that's dressed up just enough to make you stylish and awesome

I normally wear my blazer with jeans and decided to give it a try with leggings.  In my dream world this would have been an outfit with leather leggings.  You know....the kind that every Kardashian sister wears and that are all over Pinterest. Unfortunately I have yet to find a good pair but I'm still holding out hope.  I just don't want to end up in a Ross Gellar situation if I ever do find some

So I had to just try this outfit without the  leather and go for regular old ones

Boyfriend Tee: Target
Ankle Boots: Ross
Bangles: 99c Only
Necklace: Wet Seal

Jewelry is definitely an area I still struggle with.  Where some girls don't feel complete without it I have to remind myself to wear just doesn't occur to me because I went so many years without ever wearing any.  I chose this particular necklace for the outfit because I love black and cobalt together.

The sad part is now that I've discovered my deep love of blazers, cardigans, or really jackets of any kind because of how they complete a look....I'm suddenly reminded that I live in AZ.  Where 4 months out of the year I wish it were socially acceptable to go everywhere in your swimsuit and cover up as clothes.  And "Winter" here it's questionable on whether I need any kind of jacket at all before I start getting armpit sweat tacos.   

I guess it could be worse....I could be in the middle of the Polar Vortex.

But from a fashion stand point I say...Waaah!  I want to wear jackets more! :(

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Low Carb Mulled Apple Cider

So I probably should have posted this a while ago. 2-3 months ago during the Fall when EVERYTHING is either apple or pumpkin flavored.  But I didn't....but the beauty of this is it doesn't require an actual apples.  Who cares if it's apple season??

All you need is some sugar free apple flavored drink of sorts...ya know...Crystal light or the wannabe Crystal Lights.  I use the Wally World stuff

Mix it up according to the directions in a pot

I like when cider has hints of orange so I sprinkled in some orange flavoring too...not too much

For a little more depth of flavor a gave a few squirts of this sugar free honey substitute too

Throw in a few cinnamon sticks and cloves or whatever mulling spices you like and let it all simmer together.  

You can keep all your Scentsy melters turned off that day....cuz when you make this deliciousness the wonderful smell will fill your entire house.  You got yourself  a tasty drink and an air freshener here.  I love a good 2 for 1.

It makes a big batch so I bottled up the leftovers and just microwaved it in a mug whenever I wanted it

All the same tasty goodness without the mounds of sugar


MoMo Monday- 21st Century Digital Cat

It's no secret that we as a society are hopelessly plugged in.

Between checking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  To watching hours of Youtube videos, making your way through every TV series on Netflix, and falling asleep with your Iphone in hand because instead of reading before bed you lulled yourself to sleep pinning on Pinterest.

These days six year olds own Ipods that are just a step away from being actual phones.  They know how to text, search the web, and facetime.  When I was their age I was playing Load Runner on the computer and got excited over my bubble gum beeper.....times are a changin.

I think this book that parodies both the book "Good Night Moon" and our ridiculously tech filled lives is hilarious.  Even funnier to me is that it says the author is "Ann Droyd."   Get it?  Android?  Bahahahaha!  I love it

I'm totally guilty of this too though with my own child.  Even if she is a furry.  She loves to play games on the Ipad.  I downloaded an App made by Friskies that is a game where fish swim in and out of the water for them to paw at

MoMo loves it!

What can I say....she's a 21st Century Digital Cat

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Pullover Sweatshirt and Jeans

I'm back!  Didn't seem much point in posting on Christmas for Wardrobe Wednesday but I'm back at it again today.  This weeks outfit is again nothing special and another comfy one....been a lot of those lately.  

I wore this outfit on the Saturday before Christmas when I needed to brave the crowds for a few last presents and stocking stuffers.  I needed to be comfortable and in something I could move in in case I needed to take someone out in case there were some crazy ass shoppers.  I ended up not needing to use an physical force but I did see my 2nd grade teacher....twice!  Two different stores and miles apart from each other....weird right?  She looked exactly the same.  I hope I look different. lol  I totally dipped though....I HATE running into people with a passion.  Doesn't matter who you are

Anyway...on to the outfit

Sweater: Anberlin sweater bought at a show but here's a link to their merch store.  There's so much new stuff I think I must have!!

Shoes: Walmart girls section

Anberlin is one of my favorite bands EVER and we saw them 3 times this year. I got this sweater at the last show we went to in October.  I like that it was old school pullover instead of the usually hoodies you see now days in band merch.  I'm debated cutting off the neck a little to make it looser but I can't decided if I should risk it or not.  I feel like you only do that to cheap or old stuff and this is neither....I think it would make me anxious lol

And one last picture

No I'm not throwing up gang signs...this is their little symbol they use and I felt I just had to rep it with my sweater.  Just had to be done  They used it as their backdrop at the last 2 shows I went to.  I can't quite get my fingers to look that cool though

 I love them and I love this sweatshirt!