Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Christmas Traditions List

Ahhhh...traditions, I'm a real sucker for them.  There's nothing I love more than having set things to look forward to every holiday season.  It makes things that much more magical to me!  I'm also one of these weird detail orientated freaks who loves to know what other people do.  Like I'm the weirdo who asks my coworker what they ate for dinner the night before and dives into their childhood memories ...some might call it nosy, I call it curious.

My love of traditions and knack for being nosy has collided together with this holiday post.  I asked people what their holiday traditions are to compile a list of ideas to share.  Whether you are actively looking to start traditions and need some inspiration, or you just like to know whats what with everyone else out there....I got you covered.

First I'm going to start with my own holiday traditions.....

Festive Friday

I don't think holiday clothing should be just for Christmas Day and Ugly Sweater Parties.  Extend the holiday spirit by wearing it all  month long!  I instated "Festive Friday" at my job.  Every Friday the whole office (well....the fun ones) all wear our Christmas gear.  Ont the last Friday, the office is open but nobody really comes in so we take it a step further and wear our PJs

Christmas Crumb Cake

The first Christmas after my parents divorce it was just my mom, myself, and my older sister just above me.  I made crumb cake for Christmas morning for something light to eat while we opened gifts (well, as light as a cake laden in butter can be at least) and going just stuck.  Now Christmas morning wouldn't be the same without it.  Even though we all live apart now, I still make it every year and see that they get a small pan to take home.

Tour the Trees

Growing up we spent all our holidays with my dads side of the family. While I could do without most of the traditions (the Christmas morning talent show starring all 467 cousins.....hard pass) one that I really loved was Tour the Trees.  In place of our normal Sunday dinners at my Grandparents house, we spent Sundays going to all the different aunts and uncles houses to see their houses all decorated for Christmas.  Each house put out appetizers and I just remember thinking it was so much fun.  Some Sundays we doubled up and did two families based off what side of town everybody lived in (we were pretty spread out so it was easier to lump the East side houses together into one night so there was less driving each week)  This isn't something I continued but would love to in the future with my sisters.

Adult Dinner

It's not as XXX as the name may sound. This is another tradition from my childhood that I have only done once but I think is a good idea.  Each year all the aunts and uncles had an adult Christmas dinner party.  It was literally the only gathering of the year where all the 7464373 cousins werent running around.  They ate dinner and had a white elephant gift exchange. I just always liked the idea of them having their own little party. 

Cousin Sleepover

The first Saturday of December for the last 6 years or so I have had my nieces over for a sleepover. The activities have varied a little over the years but a few of them seem to have become staples.  We go look at Christmas lights, play games, do our nails, and watch movies.  It's casual and relaxed but always fun.  I look forward to it every year!

One of my nieces at the very first sleepover

Boozy Bike Ride

I started this tradition myself 4 years ago.  On Christmas I get on my bike with a drinky drank in hand (cup holder actually) and peddle around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.  Sure, you could do this any night of season, but I find it to be extra magical on Christmas Eve. You smell the food of people cooking their holiday feasts, hear the laughter and bustle of people gathering to celebrate with their families and can't be beat.  And when I really like the decor of a house, I ring my little bell at them. This year I'm taking it a step further and leaving small thank you card print outs with a candy cane left in their mailbox.  I thought it would be nice to let people know that their effort is appreciated and enjoyed.

Also, last year my friend and coworker made me a shirt for my birthday to wear for my bike ride.  It says "Too Lit to Quit" and I absolutely adore it!

*Of course, this idea can be made more family friendly. Swap the booze for some hot chocolates to go and round up the kiddos.*

Our Tradition Is There's No Tradition

I was never a fan of the idea of repeating the old ham, turkey, mashed potato business for Christmas dinner.  Instead, my family does something new each year.  We'e done Mexican food, Greek, Spanish tapas, soups in bread bowls, southern name it! It's really fun to have the tradition of variety...if that makes sense.  It's really fun getting the chance to write a new  menu every year.

The Razr Box

My very first cell phone waaay back in 2006 was a pink Razr cell phone.  My mom saved the box as it was a good size for small Christmas gifts.  She wrapped a gift in it that year and every year since.  Now it has become it's own tradition. Whoever gets a gift from her in that box has to give it back to her so she can use it the next year.  It's just a silly little tradition but I find it funny.

BLT for Santa 

In my family, we never left Santa cookies, he always got a BLT. My mom used to say that he was sick of sweet stuff and would be happy to have a sandwich instead.  I of course didn't put two and two together that BLTs were my dads favorite...

The first Christmas that The Boy and I were together he got me this BLT ornament and it has become one of my favorites because if its meaning behind it.

Enough of mine, here are some traditions other people submitted to me

"I put an advent calandar out every year I made that has little envelopes with every day of December. I put candy, small toy or note with what we will be doing that day in each one (visit Santa, look at lights, things like that)"

"The whole extended family gets together as a group to go cut down our Christmas trees."

"We eat Mexican Food every Christmas Eve"

"I start baking cookies in early November and freeze them to giveaway in cute packaging to family/friends/coworkers."

"Every 1st weekend of December is Grinchmas in our house.  We make a roast (roast beast) and hash brown casserole (Who hash) and watch the Grinch. My Christmas Decorations are all Grinch, we love him."

"Christmas Eve we watch movies and I make appetizers to snack on all day."

"My husband and I take a picture in front of our Christmas tree each year in our Christmas pajamas, which is probably my favorite tradition.  When our dog was with us he was in the pictures too so to have so many of him is everything! And now of course the baby.  Such a fun way to see how everyone changes."

"Every Christmas Eve we go out to eat at a diner."

"We do a themed Christmas each year.  We've done sports, Grinch, A Christmas Story, and match the food to whatever it is that year."

"I thrift a mixture of Christmas and non Christmas books, 25 of them for 50c-$1.  They get to unwrap and read one each day in December."

"Christmas morning my brother and I knew we were allowed to come out of our rooms and downstairs to begin opening presents when we heard Christmas music playing throughout the house."

"We open our presents at midnight.  I'm not really sure why, we just always have LOL"

"We always have cinnamon rolls for breakfast before opening presents and going to church."

"Every year my kids and I bake a cake and sing Jesus happy birthday lol  They love that!"

"On Thanksgiving night I give my daughter new Christmas pajamas and other small Christmas items like chapstick and a small toy or book.  It's a fun way to kick off Christmas season"

Sunday, December 15, 2019

8 More Christmas Gifts for the Boring Ass Adult In Your Life

This post contains affiliate links BUT per usual, I only link items that I love and have bought myself or genuinely think are awesome!.

I'm back again for another round of......

Juicing was all the rage about 10 years or so again when everyone was watching documentaries like "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead."  Things settles a bit, but now it's back.  This time though, it's all centered around juicing celery per the research of the man who calls himself The Medical Medium.  One of the keys to his theory on juicing it to introduce heat during the juicing process.  This juicer is the one I own and not only does it work great, but it is a masticating model so you don't have to worry about the juice being subject to any heat

The Boy came home from the annual Man Trip this year raving about the fire pit our friend had. Apparently, because of its design there is NO SMOKE!  You still use wood but don't walk away smelling like a brisket

My sister has this flat top grill an she swears it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! She loves being able to cook dinner outside and simply be able to scrape it down at the end leaving your kitchen mess free.  Smash burgers, fajitas, bacon....think of all the things you can cook on it!  There are several different models to choose from and many of them are portable for tailgating. You can also buy lids and legs for the portable ones if you don't want to put it on a tabletop.  The one pictured below is meant to be more stationary.

Same sister also swears by her air fryer. Between the flat top and her air fryer she barely has to clean her kitchen! Ok....that's a stretch of the truth....but she does have WAAAAY less dishes to do!  Air fryers cook super fast and gets things amazingly crispy.  This one is extra large capacity which is great for being able to fit dinner for the whole family.  This exact item is on my wishlist this year.

This is an oldie but a goodie.  I got my husband a Sodastream for Christmas about 4 years ago.  He has been using it consistently ever since.  Sparkling water is super trendy right now too.  Between La Croix, Bubbly, Perrier (my personal favorite) and countless other brands, I'm sure you have someone on your list who you see lifting one of those cans to their lips on a consistent basis .  They can save money making their own at home and flavor it however they please!

The Instant Pot is one of those products that has a cult following.  People swear by it and how quickly you can do everything from hard boiling eggs, braising meats, and even making yogurt.  There are a ton of different capacities to choose from to meet the needs of a bachelor all the way to a large family.

The Boy is the one who pointed this gem out to me, a gas pizza oven.  Think of how fun it would be to host a build your own pizza party in your very own backyard! 

The last one is the only thing besides the solo stove that doesn't pertain to food or drinks. Although, you can roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the solo scratch that....this IS the only gift unrelated to food. (Can you tell I like to eat and drink?) What do you give the person who has everything?  We an ancestry DNA test of course!  It's one of those things you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself but as a gift it would be fun and full of interesting info.  There are different packages ranging from just ancestry information to ones include helpful health related data.

Check out my list from last year too for more gift ideas for the boring ass adult in your life