Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIY Sushi Magnets

Months and months ago I found these awesome sushi erasers 

I instantly had the idea to turn them into fridge magnets.  In this post HERE you can see where my obsession with making everything into magnets started.

I wanted to give them to my sister and her boyfriend as part of their Christmas present because they both love sushi (as do I)  

So I saved them all these months and whipped these suckers up on Christmas Eve....I was a smidge busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Then again.....who isn't?

The first thing you have to do is hot glue the eraser pieces together.  Some of them have little pegs that fit together like puzzles and you want them all to stay in place

(like my holiday grass bear? haha)

Then just glue on your magnets. The whole process is easier than picking up your sushi with chopsticks....quick and easy!
Speaking of chopsticks...it actually turned out to be pretty funny.  My 7 year old niece went and bought gifts for everyone at the dollar store.  The gift she picked out for Brian, my sisters boyfriend, was a 30 pack of chopsticks  
Of course it was only because she knows they love sushi...and had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that he's Asain LOL 
We were teasing her and asked if she bought my husband a tortilla warmer (he's Mexican)  She very seriously said No?!?  The joke was over her little head....as it should be ;)
Anyways....back to magnets.  Here they are all finished

I went to wrap them and left the room for less than 60 seconds to go grab tape. I came back to Mo Mo sitting nicely next to them

I'm not sure if it's because sushi is made of fish and she's a cat sooooo...well.......she likes fish.  Or if it's because I was about to wrap them in tissue paper and she LOVES paper of any kind.
It's the fish thing huh?
I figured.
Isn't she cute in her festive scarf?!?!
She just loves to help her mama wrap presents!

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