Monday, July 18, 2016

How NOT to Suck at Thrifting

You might not think that a blog post about thrifting tips would start out with a childhood story.....but I'm an old lady who has a story relating to everything so here goes....

When I was a youngen I was friends with a pretty manipulative little girl.  She was bossy, always made me be the boy when we played house, and her breath smelled like poop. Really.
 She loved to look for ways to jab me and back in those days I was a quiet kid who let everyone walk all over me.  I hadn't yet broken out of my shell (that happened about a year later when I toilet papered the school bathroom ceiling....but that's another post for another day)

One day while playing at her house, she told me "My mom said you buy your clothes at THRIFT stores" with major attitude and a bitch face to match.  I was 6 and didn't even know what a thrift store was.  So she explained to me that my clothes were "old hand me downs."  To me it had just always just been the store we shop at...I didn't care.  But her mean girl attitude about the whole thing stung as a shy first grader.  The funny part is the reason she even know this information is because her mom complimented how cute my clothes were and asked my mom where she shopped for me. So there! ;)

Fast forward about 14 years.  I was 20 and had just started a new job and made friends with a girl named Kelley.  I really admired her style and every time I would ask where she got something it was always from Goodwill.  I would say things like "Ugghh...I SUCK at thrifting! I never find anything."  When let's be honest.....I hadn't REALLY tried very hard.  It took a few years but now I feel like I've found my thrifting groove and I'm ALMOST on her level.  Here are some of the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way....

Go Often!

Just like I stated above, I was guilty of thinking that you can just show up here and there and find all these amazing gems.  That's not how it works.  You have to go often.  I'm not saying you have to go 3 times a week and spend 2 hours there (although I would love that!)  but you have to make a consistent effort. It works out best if you find a way to make it into a routine.  I get out of work an hour early on Thursdays so I stop on my way home once a week to take a look.  Then when I'm out and about on the weekends running errands I try to pop in when I can

Keep a Running "Look List"

Keep a list of things you're looking for.  Picture frames, a leather satchel, a chambray button up shirt,  vintage toddler toys.....those are some of the things I've had on my list.  It helps if you show up with a purpose and then along the way you usually find a whole lot more.  And make sure that this list isn't for urgent items.  I'm sure most women to relate to this scenario.....  You have a wedding to go to NEXT WEEKEND and you have a pretty specific idea in your head of the kind of dress you want.  So you hit every store in the mall and can't find it anywhere.  You leave pissed off and in even more of a panic.  If it's that hard in new stores it can be 1,000x harder in a thrifting situation.  Your options are to either go into it with a very vague idea of what you want and be flexible based on the items you come across....OR.....look ahead and start the hunt much earlier.  I start shopping for things months in advance if I know exactly what I want

Scan EVERY Section of the Store

I highly suggest scanning every section of the store....even if you don't have anything from your "look list" in that area.  A perfect example is that I was definitely not looking for anything over in the cup and thermos area....but walking past it quickly I found a brand new in the package Yetti brand tumbler cup....for $1.50!!!!  That's a fraction of what it retails in the store and is a huge score for my Yetti lovin husband.  Actually.....mathematically I paid only 5% of the retail price.

 You never know what you're going to find so don't miss out on those opportunities

Become a Human Scanner

I call myself a human scanner because I can tell you the going price for a lot of different things....but it's good information to know.  How are you ever going to recognize if you're getting a good deal or not if you don't have a general idea of what the regular retail price is.  Pay attention to things as you are out shopping at regular stores and then you will know if it's worth the thrifting price or not.  If you don't already know then just make Google your best friends (if it isn't already)
A couple of my own examples are when I came across this clipboard.  It looked right up my sisters alley and also looked familiar.  I did a little Google action and it's currently for sale at Target for $14.99

Guess how much I got it for??  50 CENTS!  Holla!!

One more example is this cute pair of wedges I came across. (left pair...the sandals aren't thrifted)

  They were brand spankin new and exactly what I had been looking for for months.....but at $10 they were a little expensive to me for thrift store pricing. (yes, I'm really cheap and the more and more you thrift the better deals you look for) but I decided to google the brand because I had never heard of them before.  Turns out they're a higher quality brand that they sell in stores like Nordstroms and the cheapest pair of any of their shoes I could find was $ when you think of it that way $10 brand new was a smoking deal that made me seal the deal. So moral of the story here: do your research

Envision the Potential

Another way to get the most out of thrifting is to look past what things are at face value and envision the potential in the item with a little TLC.  Spray paint, lysol wipes, and magic erasers are your best friends (next to Google of course)!  Here's a picture of one of my thrifting hauls

No I don't have a "thing" for snowy scene tins.....I got them because for $2 and the price of a coat of  paint they made the perfect food and litter storage for  MoMo kitty.  (I'll post them sometime)  And it's hard  to tell in the picture....but the paint is all jacked up on the gumball machine but I wouldn't want a red one anyway.  When you get things for a great deal to begin with you don't feel bad about customizing it as opposed to buying things brand new and still having to pay money to make it "right"

That covers the paint portion...but don't get too caught up on some of the grime you come across either.  MOST things (definitely not all) can be cleaned up with a little elbow grease and look good.  Like kids books for example....check the inside pages for scribbles and as long a the structure of the book is still good the outside covers can usually get a get scrubbing and be ok

Put That Crap in Your Cart and Decide Later!     
As you're browsing I suggest that if you're even remotely interested in an item you just put it in your basket and decide if you REALLY want it later.  Why you ask?  Because it's a scientifically proven fact that once you touch an item you have activated its "It" factor and other people are going to want it now. maybe it's not scientifically proven (although that's a study I can get behind and then win a Nobel prize for) But really, who know how it goes.  You're on the same aisle as someone and out of the corner of your eye you see them pick up and examine something closely.  Then you wonder.....what did I just walk past that they find so intriguing??  So you wait for them to put it down and walk around the corner and then you scurry over to discover the most amazing thing  in the world that you can't possibly live without and wonder how you could ever have passed it by. They come back later because they decide they really do want it and now it' s gone. Waaah waah!!  Don't let it happen to you!   You can always put it back but you can't always guarantee it'll still be there in 10 minutes.  Better to be safe than sorry.  

And if you're worried that it'll make you spend too much by putting it in your cart then try my trick.  As I pick up things I deem them in my head whether or not they are worth standing and waiting in the check out line for if that's the only thing you I find. As I find more things some things get the boot because I would rather have "This" than "that" and seem less important as I find new things.  Or if I find nothing else worth buying I might put it back just because it wasn't worth getting in line for. It kind of creates a system of check and least for keep me from buying everything I place in my cart as a "maybe"

So there ya have it. Hope these tips help you suck a little less at thrifting :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I'm F****** Tired of Being Healthy

-Let me start off this blog post by saying this.....I woke up this morning pissed off.  This entire post is a tantrum/ pity party.  I fully admit that and am giving you fair warning.  Proceed with caution or hop off because this is a full on bitch fest. Also, I would like to note that I am not referring to any specific diet  or lifestyle here whether it be Low Carb, Paleo, IIFYM or whatever it may be.  This post  is touching on what I hope are universal feelings of burn out that can come with any healthy lifestyle-

I'm tired of being healthy.  I really am.  Today was my only day of the week that I had a full "day off" from working out.  I have been working out 6 days a week, some days harder than others but I have some sort of plan every day except for Sunday....and man had I been looking forward to it!  The second I did my last overhead press with a weight yesterday I practically shrieked with glee.  There is just something about knowing I had Sunday "off" that made me so happy. And then I woke up this morning.....

I woke up hungry for one.....starving actually.  And being that I don't buy convenience food there isn't a real quick fix to that.  There aren't Eggo waffles in my freezer, cereal in my pantry, or bread to toast up quickly.  If I want breakfast that means cooking it.  Waah waah? I know....cry me a river right? But sometimes it just hits you harder than other times that from now on all things food just require more effort than they ever used to.  The convenience factor is gone. Granted, convenience food has created the epidemic we're facing of bad health....but today was just one of those days that it stuck out to me more.

Then I remembered that I needed to prep food for the week to make sure I didn't make any bad decisions and had food ready at hand when I get home from work.  Two hours of food prep later I'm even more pissed off now.  So much for a day off!  All I did was swap exercise for even more time spent and a bigger mess to clean up.  From there the bitterness just snowballed.  I got on the scale and after weeks of hard work I'm just not seeing the results I want.  All these feelings I have are  a lot easier to deal with when you are seeing results, but become nearly impossible to shrug off when the progress just isn't tangible.

I am struggling now with all things weight and health more than I have in a very long time. Just over a year ago  I wrote a blog post titled My Weightloss Journey Pt. 1: How I Became a Fatty in The First Place  I never got around to writing Part 2 which was supposed to be about how I lost the weight because promptly after writing I fell off the wagon I had been on for over 3 years.  In just about a year I've put on a solid 15lbs.  This time around it has been so hard for me to get my shit together.  The cheats were closer together and lasted a little longer each time.  Even with the awareness of everything I was doing wrong I was still bitter about it.  My eating "bad" still seemed pretty damn healthy compared to all the people around me who don't seem to be gaining or giving  crap about what they stuff in their face.  I didn't eat meal after meal of shit.  I still ate healthy meals about 70% of the time.

I honestly get pissed off and sad sometimes that it takes SOOOOO much hard work for me to maintain my body.....even if it's still never been a thin one!  I hate that some people can just eat and not have to think about it 24/7 the way I do.  I know damn well that a skinny body doesn't equal a healthy one...because it doesn't.  And as much as I HONESTLY do want to be healthy....let's be real here.  Health is not what we see.  We don't see the clogged arteries or the off the chart blood sugar.....we see the thunder thighs and the double chins.  That being said is why I feel so jealous of the people who seemingly get to eat whatever  they want without the instant weight gain.

I was texting my sister about it all morning.  We have spent most of this journey together.  (saying journey is so lame isn't it?? hahaha)   Losing together and usually gaining together too.  We both came to the realization that we are bored and tired.  Bored with the food, bored with with the routine, and tired of feeling like we HAVE TO...."or else"!! For me "or else" means one cheat meal can lead to a 4lb weight gain of bloat that takes a week to take off.  Work out or else you aren't doing everything you possibly can.  It all just seems like a lot of pressure sometimes.

And feeling like I HAVE TO do something is a surefire way to make me to hate it.  So many days I resent that I HAVE TO work out and then it leaves me no time to do anything I want to.  Between working out, working full time, maintaining a household, trying to cook healthy meals and stay two steps ahead I feel like I have no time for myself anymore.  The kicker is that I'm doing allllll those things for myself, but because I don't enjoy them anymore it becomes just another demand on my time that I resent. I feel like I am constantly having to choose things I need to or should do over things I want to do.  I know what you're thinking...."Shut up! It's called being an don't get everything you want"  And that's most DEFINITELY true.....but damn.  Some days it's just hard.

I think I'm having an even harder time this go around because the weight isn't coming off as easy as it used to.  I used to be able to eat Low Carb Mon- Fri and do a few days of yoga and be fine.  I could eat off plan all weekend long and start back again Monday morning without any significant gain.  Even if I wasn't losing at least I wasn't gaining.

Nowwa days I can climb stair wells, swim laps, hit 10k steps a day, do yoga, and lift weights and still not see the same results.  That alone can be incredibly discouraging.  I'm just tired.  Tired of all the work it takes day in and day out.  The meal prep, the exercise, and the constant battles in my mind. 

The internal battles are exhausting.  One battle for example is social settings.  Now I'm already enough of a anti social recluse as it when I do venture out and socialize like a normal human being I sure as hell better enjoy it!  Instead they usually turn into a battle within myself.  Trying to find that balance between enjoying the moment and being carefree and obsessing over all things food.

Today for example, we planned to meet up with my inlaws for dinner.  All I had on the brain was some effing fried shrimp and french fries.  I already had that craving all week anyway and it was an option at the restaurant we went to.  What did I get instead? A salad.  And not even the salad I wanted because they took my favorite one off the menu (go figure right?!)  I got a salmon Cesar salad.  It was good and all.....but I left not feeling fully satisfied.  It took everything in me not to order the damn fried food! In fact I starred at my mother inlaws uneaten french fries like Indiana Jones did at the Golden Idol

Even worse than restaurant settings are house parties/gatherings.  Seriously..... just shoot me now.  They are torture for me. TORTURE!!!  At least in restaurants you have the option of ordering your own healthy food.  It would take effort and complete awareness to order something bad.  And you aren't exactly eating off everyone else' plate (unless of course you're Helen Keller)  As long as you stay strong until you place that order and hand over that're in the clear! But at house gatherings.....forget it!  I have even come equipped with my own food and snacks and still not been able to resist the temptation.  There's just something about a smorgasbord out for everyone to enjoy that is so much harder to pass up.  Just a few weeks ago I had this exact scenario happen.  I came with snacks and such....but ended up eating at least 4 slices of pizza before the night was over along with gobs of chips and queso.  I went home feeling like shit both mentally and physically.....but it was SOOOO hard to resist.  Social gatherings are the death of me.  And the start of football season has me in a panic.  Not only because The Boys Sundays are spoken for for the foreseeable future....but because of all the gatherings that come along with it.  Oh the horror!!! I can just see the potato chips latching onto my thighs now.   And for the few times (seriously it's like 3 times total in my whole life) that I have stayed completely good and on track for a gathering....I hate being "That girl" that's standing there not eating the food.  I just don't like it.  I know it's more a thing in my head than anything else.  I don't think people really care that much about what I am or am not eating.....but I don't like showing up and only sticking to the veggie platter.  It feels so ridiculous to me.  But I'm sure I'm just over thinking it (as I do most everything in this lifetime)  

Another battle is my upcoming vacation.  I fully intend on eating like a pig.  Not only because that's just what you do on vacation....but because all of us that are going are foodies. The Boy and I both work in the food industry and my sister and brother in-law are just foodies anyway.  Part of the fun to me of exploring a new place is seeing it through the food.  I'm certainly not going to give that up.....but again it's a never ending stress in my head.  I want so badly to just be able to turn it off and enjoy and explore.....but I know instead I will be thinking about the consequences I will face when I get back to reality.  There is never the ability to shut it off completely.  Even if I say "I don't care" or "F*** it!"  I don't really mean really just means I'll deal with it later. There is no escaping it.  I genuinely fear not being able to completely enjoy myself because I am so caught up on what I just ate.....or if I choose not to eat it I'll be stuck on what I missed out on because I was obsessing about my weight.  It's really a lose lose situation.

Complete subject change here.......

I (and I'm sure most of you do too) follow people with my same goal lifestyle on social media.  I sometimes get caught up in how they seem to stick to it all so easily.  Some days it seems like it's all arm flexing, ab shots, and healthy meals.  And then I remind my self of this.....

It has to be true....right?  All those posts that are like...."I love my chia seed "blah blah blah" soooo much I don't even miss the bad foods"

Really I just want to yell BULLSHIT!!  Ok.....if they really do feel that way then kudos to them.  That's really is.  But I really wish more people would say ...."Ya know I got a salmon salad and it was ok but GOD DAMN I really wanted fried shrimp and it was hard as hell"

Now that's what I want to read.  We need to stop letting each other believe the choice to be healthy is easy.....because it usually isn't.  Or at least it isn't for me.  I have always said it is so incredibly hard and never ending.  So my goal from now on is to be as real as possible....because as the say....#thestruggleisreal

In closing this bitch fest I dared to call a blog post I want to say this......a healthy lifestyle is hard.  Some days it's harder than others.  Some days it is all consuming....other days it feels more natural and easy.  Ultimately though it is a series of choices you have to make day in and day out multiple times a day.  And sometimes those dozens of choices get to be exhausting and you get burnt out.  Some days are like my day today where you are pissed at the world for it.  I might wake up tomorrow and feel completely different.  I might be motivated and eager to work out and not feel deprived.  Maybe tomorrow that same salmon salad will be never know.  That is the roller coaster of trying to live a healthy lifestyle

End rant. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Guide to (More) Food in California Adventure

Disney Week continues!  Today is all about food in California Adventure.  This is a Volume 2 because I wrote another one back about 2 years ago.  Click HERE to check it out.  Now let's dive into the new eats I discovered

We started off our day at The Pacific Wharf for breakfast.  This was out of the norm for us because we never have breakfast in the park.  We either eat at the hotel or consider our 11 am stop for clam chowder to be breakfast.  Actual breakfast type foods never really enter the picture....until this particular day.

We both thought the croissant breakfast sandwich sounded pretty good, and for $4.49 with some grapes and orange wedges I thought it was pretty decently priced too.

Next snack pit stop was at The Cozy Cone Motel.  In the past we've had the chilli cone and pretzels bites, so for the sake of trying something new we got the Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist for $4.39

In my world everything could have more garlic and cheese...but I liked it.  A little dry on the ends where there wasn't as much cheese....but not enough for me to not eat it.  Go figure

Our next stop for a real sit down meal was over at the Paradise Garden Grill.  I had been wanting to eat there since our last trip because they have Greek/Mediterranean food, some of my favorite.

The Boy got the Gyro Platter for $12.49

It came with cucumber salad and tabouli.

I opted for the Mediterranean Skewers.  You had the choice of steak, chicken, spicy meatball, or tofu with veggies.  Then you picked one of 3 sauce: tzatziki, chimichurri, or spicy tomato.

I chose the steak with chimuchurri sauce.  It came with rice pilaf and cucumber salad

I liked everything.  The steak could have used more seasoning, but that's typical to me at restaurants.  But with a sprinkle of more salt and the chimichurri it was really good.  Espcially wrapped up in a little bit of the pita

The pita bread was really good.  It had a nice char on it and was not overly fake. I hate the really fake type pita bread that is super dry and reminds me of a Taco Bell Gordita.  This was moist and fluffy.  The rice was fluffy too and not!  Overall I thought it was pretty successful

While we were ordering, The Boy suddenly ordered some baklava.  It wasn't part of the original plan...but I was game!

Apparently he thought I didn't want any and ate the whole thing himself before I could finish my plate.....but I did in fact want some.  This resulted in him feeling bad and going back to buy another....which I then ate all by myself too.  It probably worked out for the best that we each got our I'm not complaining.  And it was only $3.69 a piece so I'm really not feeling too bad about it

I just love the ooey gooeyness of baklava.  And the flaky's good.

This is sold in both parks so I could have posted it in a Disneyland post....but since we technically ate it in CA Adventure I thought I would post it here.  Mickey ice cream!

Prior to this trip we had never had Mickey ice cream before.  Does that make me a bad Disney fan?  It kinda makes me feel weird to even admit it!!

I chose the ice cream sandwich

And The Boy got the ice cream on a sick

And holy crap was it frozen! I mean I get it...yes ice cream is frozen.  But this stuff was a damn rock!!  It was hard to enjoy

I swear the woman took it from the coldest most remote corner of the freezer....cuz it was like gnawing on a Mickey brick.  And I do have to say....I have never come across a rude Disney employee until this woman.  Isn't that ironic?  

Needless to say our ice cream dreams were a little crushed....but someday I'll get it again and hopefully it won't be rock solid 

Next up....Hot link corn dogs!

In both my Volume 1 CA Adventure food  and Volume 1 Disneyland Food I ramble on and on and on about how much I LOVE Disneyland corn dogs.  Like I really, REALLY do.  So much that we will eat one every single day that we are there with no shame whatsoever.

Well.....over in CA Adventure they also offer a Hot Link Corn Dog at the Corn Dog Castle.  We had been meaning to try it for a while and the time had finally come

For $7.99 (30 cents more than the original corn dog) you get a a monsterous corn dog with a bag of chips or sliced apples.  (But seriously though....who gets the apples? It's vacation damn it!)

Here's a pic for ya to show you how huge and filling these bad boys are

They aren't messing around! Which is exactly why I still dub the corn dog combo as the best deal in the entire park.  It will fill you up as a meal and comes at a good price considering.  Anyway....back to the hot link binass.....

In this picture you can sort of see it's hot linkiness...see how it looks a little spicey?

It was good....really good!  In fact my husband deemed this his favorite...a big statement considering how much he loved the original corn dog.  I on the other hand am sticking with my corn dog as my favorite.  Don't get me wrong....I really did like it!  But while I can wolf down a regular corn dog no problem and still contemplate getting a second one (I never do, I just always contemplate mind gets ahead of my full stomach) I could barely finish this one.  When I was getting down to the end I threw in the towel and let The Boy have the rest.

Maybe this is just my fat girl mentality shining through....but I guess I considered that a tad bit of defeat lol.  The corn dogs are rich in general...but this was a tad bit too rich for least to finish the whole thing myself.  But I will gladly get myself a regular corn dog in the future and The Boy can get a hot link and I will just steal bites from him.  That's what wives do anyway right?? 

Now let's end this post with a little booze.

Now imma be honest witchoo.....I had every intention of getting lit and walking around Disneyland.  Well....maybe lit is the wrong word.  I never imagined myself stupid drunk....just to the point of floppy.  To where my arms feel warm and I'm right on the cusp of not being able to feel my face....toasty I should say.  I just thought tipsy toasty mixed with Disney magic would be an experience of my we set out to get some booze!

I'm not a beer bloats me and wastes my we headed to Rita's Baja Blenders.  They had the regular margarita for $7.75 but I upped the ante and got The Grand Margarita for $8.25.  It's supposed to have extra liquor in it

Homegirl don't do fake strawberry so I went for the lemon lime.

And got to slurrpin right away!!

And sadly....nothing happened.  Not a damn thing.  Not even a 2 second buzz....not even the beginnings of "awwww"  Nuttin.  All it did was leave me shivering.

It could have been a lot of things in hindsight.  

A.  I could just be a lush and even the Grand maragarita won't do anything to me
B.  I don't normally do frozen drinks....I'm a rocks kinda I could have just taken waaaaay to long nursing it from it's coldness to get any kind of anything going. OR the cold sent my body into over drive and all my energy went to warming me up and not to feeling a buzz.  Sounds scientific and legit right?
C.  I ate way too much food beforehand

We almost went to get another immediately to see if I could conjur something up....but I was turned off by the frozen aspect...just not my style dreams of gettin floppy in Disneyland will just have to wait....though I am not giving up hope!!

I think it will take some planning beforehand.  Maybe a few hours without food....and maybe a trip to the Cozy Cone Motel for a Vodka Pomegranate Limeade instead.  I'm actually kinda kicking myself for not going that route in the first live and learn right?  A Disney buzz will be mine!!  (flexes bicep)

Well that about sums up this trips food crawl through California Adventure.  Be sure to check all my past posts for food in CA Adventure and Disneyland (links are earlier in this post)

Hope this comes as some sort of help to you.  Comment and let me know what foods you've had and what I need to try next time :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Guide to (More) Food in Disneyland

I'm back with all kinds of Disney yums.  And before we dive in, I want to remind you that 2 years ago I wrote the original Guide to Food In Disneyland, making this a Volume 2 (thus the "More" in the title)

So if you haven't read that post yet I suggest you do before you start reading this one and go "What the heck!!... where are the churros? Where's the corn dogs??"  because they're in the first simmer down now.  I kid.

The first post I did was more about the staples that I get every time I go to Disneyland and trying one or two new things.  For the sake of blogging.....and not just because I love food and use vacation as an excuses to gorge myself until I gain 8lbs that then takes me 6 months to, no...for the sake of blogging I have tried even more Disney delicacies to share with you.  Now let's get to my second favorite thing besides eating food.....talking about food!

*All prices are from when we were there 6/ 9/14-6/11/14

In the first post you'll remember how I said our first food pit stop of the day is always a bowl of clam chowder in New Orleans Square.  Well after some deep deeeeeep conversation, The Boy and I decided to shake it up a little bit and hit up the Harbour Galley right off The Haunted Mansion along the water of the Mark Twain Riverboat

We got alll kinds of wild and crazy and ordered a Lobster Roll. For $13.99 you got the sandwich and chips that are dusted with some sort of yummy seasoning....maybe cajun?  I can't really remember but I loved them.

And while the price may seem a tad steep....your are in Disneyland....and they really load up on the lobster!  Had there been less maybe I would have felt ripped off...but there was a surprisingly good amount.  I loved how lemony the dressing was but there wasn't too much to overpower the lobster goodness.  It was all in good proportion and piled onto a nicely toasted roll. I would highly recommend it. 

But for the record....we ultimately decided we still NEEDED to start our day off with some clam chowder.  Luckily they also sell the chowder at the Harbour Gallery so we got one of each and split it between the two of us. It was necessary....gotta keep up the tradition right?

They sell Broccoli cheese soup here as well which is what my niece got and always does gets.  I took and bite and it is delicious!.....but I'll stick with my has my heart. This was a good snack to get our Disney day rolling.  Snack?? say.  Isn't that a full meal?  On a normal day...yes, it would be considered a meal....but not on a Disney day.  Disney days take eating to a whole new level.

Next up.....Dole Whips!

Last trip I had a Dole Whip for the very first time.....and my life was forever changed.  Before I was even finished eating said Dole Whip, I started dreaming of when I would try the float version.

See....I have this thing for floats.  Root beer, orange,...whatever.  I love me some ice cream and drank!  So I was super excited to get my dirty paws on a Dole Whip float....and this trip was my opportunity

Stroll on over to the stand just outside the Tiki Room and for $5.79 you get your float complete with little umbrella

But here's the crappy part.  I was so pumped up about and was so sure I'd love it....and I didn't.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it.....just didn't love it.  I think from now on I'll stick the to the traditional soft serve.  But you never know which you'll prefer until you try them both!

Moving on to the next......

This may come as a shock to you....but in all my 24 years I had never had a funnel cake before.  Crazy right?

So I decided Disneyland  was the perfect place to finally give it a try.  I totally forgot to make note of the price, but I got it at The Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland.  I went super traditional and got the powdered sugar topping as opposed to the strawberry or chocolate.  It was pretty much everything I wanted it to be.  Coming from a girl who used to basically deep fry her pancakes as a kid instead of "griddling" them....funnel cake was my dream come true.  Light and crispy and not overly greasy.  What's not to love about fried battery goodness?

While were on a sweets kick, here's the other sweet treat we got...a peanut butter sandwich

It's basically graham cracker topped with peanut butter stuff (filling? frosting? Does it really matter?) and covered in chocolate.  A peanut butter lovers dream.  It only set us back $3.99 at Pooh's Corner 

We've made it sort of a tradition to buy something out of the sweets case before we settle in for the Parade.  We almost always get toffee (it's one of my favorites!) and have gotten cupcakes and dipped pretzels before too.  Now we've added this to the list and I'm pretty sure it will become a regular for us

Continuing on....we had also never gotten popcorn before.  I think mostly because it's not that "special" in comparison to the other foods.  But after a few sweets, some salt sounded really good so we finally bought ourselves a box

And it was some damn good popcorn.  I can be pretty pick about it too....but it was the perfect amount of butter and salt.  You can't ask for much else

Last but not least for this trip....we finally ate at The Carnation Cafe on Main St.  We don't normally take away from precious ride time to eat at sit down restaurants in Disneyland, but considering we were there an extra day than normal we thought we could squeeze it in.

There were two major things that reeled us in: The PB&J soda, and the fried pickles.

Sadly, the PB&J soda had just recently been taken off the menu. Wah Waaah! But I do have high hopes that popular demand will bring it back someday and we can try it.  I'm gonna keep a positive outlook on this one

Luckily the fried pickles were still on the menu!  For a pickle lover like myself this was something I just had to have

For $5.99  you got nice panko crusted pickle spears with their House Sauce for dipping.  Not a bad start to the meal....not bad at all....

We also went all old timey and shared a Cherry Malt.  (cue 90s sitcom "Awwwwww" track)

I always thought I didn't like malts....but I guess I do.  Maybe the other ones I had were to malty before....or maybe everything just tastes better in Disneyland.  Either are entirely possible.

For another $5.99 we got to look super cute and coupley.  Except we only had one it actually wasn't that cute...but whatevs.

For the main course The Boy got The Main St. Cheeseburger for $12.99. Your typical cheeseburger fixings on a brioche bun along with that house sauce again.  He added bacon because..well.....why not?

This lady got herself a Sourdough Bacon Cheese Melt for $14.99


Pepperjack cheese, grilled onions, bacon, and spicy house sauce on toasty sourdough

The Boy liked the spicy sauce so much he asked the waiter to bring him a side of it for his burger.  We slathered that stuff on everything...dipped a few fries.  It was good eats

That sums up all the new eats we tried. It was fun to try some new things but at the same time I think it's created a biiiiiig problem for our next trip.  Instead of our usual 5, 6 things we have to we're gonna have to get like 30. But I think I can handle that problem....I gear up for months for this Disney food crawl.  I accept the challenge whole heartedly!

 Like I said at the beginning of the post, don't forget to check out Volume one of Disneyland food.  I also have posts on food in California Adventure so be sure to check those out too!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Peter Pan and Wendy Cosplay

After having done Mickey and Minnie and Carl and Ellie we decided on Peter Pan and Wendy for Day 3.  Of the 3 days I would say these were the least "costume-y" and more of the Disney bound style like you see all over Pinterest. Less in your face trying to look exactly like a character and more just inspired by them.....if what I'm saying makes any sense at all?

For Peter Pan I bought The Boy a lime green shirt from Walmart and ordered him a pair of green Dickies off the internet.He wore the same brown shoes he did for Carl and also Woody way back in the day.  That left his hat.  

I thought it would be cool to have it be an everyday modern style hate....just done to look like Peter's hat instead of him actually wearing one like the kind you buy at the park.

So this is what I came up with.  I found a white fedora at Walmart

And broke out the old Rit dye and dyed it dark green and then hot glued a red feather in place.  I forgot to take an after picture of the hat on its own.....but you can see it here.  (It was bright as CRAP so please excuse the terrible face shadows etc)

For Wendy Bird I bought a cheap white shirt and cheap white shorts and dyed them both light blue.  I went with white for both so I could dye them to the same shade to imitate her nightgown being all the same color instead of buying two different pieces that would be different shades of blue.  Which really isn't a big deal.....but for some reason I was stuck on them being the exact same.

Hindsight I wish I had left them in longer....but I was having some weird yellow spots appearing on parts of the clothes so I pulled them a little early for fear it would get worse.  And to finish my Wendy look I curled my hair that day and wore a darker blue bow in my hair. Oh and black shoes

While we were shopping I had to snap a picture of our inspirations

And here we are...........

Funny story....ironically we were wearing these outfits as we stood in line for Peter Pan's Flight when I noticed a Smee in the  line with us.

I gave The Boy and nudge and pointed him out.  That's when we decided that as soon as we got closer to him in line we would ask to take a picture.  He happily obliged and then put on a grump face for the picture.

Let me warn you.  It is like a terrible, HORRIBLE picture of me.  It was toward the end of a June day spent out in the sun and I look like a sweaty disheveled mess and my curls have fallen out. I guess I got way to turnt at the House of Mouse. lol But here it is anyway........................................................................

A nasty Wendy, a cute Peter Pan, and a stranger Smee. What a scene!

Well that completes the outfits for this Disney Week....more Disney goods to come!