Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday-Black Sheer Top and Leopard Flats

This Wardrobe Wednesday also doubles as a "Meet Morty"  Morty is my only nephew....yes....I call him my nephew.  What else would you call your sisters dog? Duh!

He was very eager to join in on the photo shoot and we couldn't really get any decent shots....both of ones by myself and us together.  So here you get a lovely collage of kinda crappy pictures.   But I guess that's nothing new to the blog anyway.......

Flats: Gifted....not sure (but I'll ask for future reference)

Sheer tops are quickly becoming a staple for me.  Their light weight fabric is perfect for the warmer weather that's on its way (actually it's already here in AZ) but they are just nice enough that you look a bit more put together if you need to.  You can dress them up or down super easily.

This was a casual day of a lunch date with The Boy, then off to my sisters house to run wedding planning errands.  The red lip also helps dress up the entire look a little more without requiring any real effort......besides having to remember to not rub my face.

And here's one more picture just to make you say Awwwwwww.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Popcorn Bar

I'm a huge fan of bars.  Not those kind of bars.....I prefer to do my drinking at home where I can pass out with drink in hand and not get arrested....but that's not what I"m referring to here.

I'm talking about the build your own kinda bars.  I'll take any kind there is....baked potato, salad, nacho, hot  name it.  If I can pile on toppings and deliciousness of all kinds count me in!

For my nieces' birthday party back in March my sister put out a popcorn bar....and I loved it!

Nothing too crazy and over the top...just enough options to make it custom without making you anxious (too many options make me sweat)

M&Ms, gummy bears, unwrapped Starburst,  Mike & Ikes, Peanut M&Ms, and Reese's Peices

She also had flavor powders

Bacon cheddar, garlic parmesan, kettle corn, ranch, jalepeno cheddar, and white cheddar.

You could do they whole salty sweet mix....or grab two bags.  One for the mix with candy and one for the flavors of choice

She had a Farm/Cowgirl party theme so the bags were decorated with stickers and crayons were left out for them to color and write their names on.  It went over well!

And for the record....this was my first time trying the unwrapped Starburst and I'm just warning you....those things are dangerous.  For reals!

Monday, April 21, 2014

MoMo Monday- Easter

As I've mentioned in a previous post.....there is no shortage of nicknames for my furry child

She's MoMo, Mo, DaMo, Doms, Turkey, Little love, Bubbies, and last but not least.....Bunny (which also becomes Buns for short)

Why Bunny you ask?

Because of her out of control cute bunny feet


They're so dang cute that even when she's rude and sticks them in my face I can't help but kiss them

And it was the feet that started it all....but every once and a while she takes on those bunny ears too.  Maybe she was a bunny in a past life?

So from my bunny to yours....we wish you a belated Happy Easter!

Monday, March 31, 2014

MoMo Monday- Soak Up The Sun

MoMo is now an indoor cat but it wasn't always that way.  It was more of a gradual progression to get her to that point.  

She first showed up at my house as a stray.  She spent pretty much all her time outdoors and I would have to sit outside to brush her nappy fur and play with her.  Then, slowly she made her way in for a few minutes at a time....she's the cautious type

We got a doggy door and then she started spending even more time inside since she didn't have to have us there to let her in anymore and she could come and go as she pleased.  That quickly brought her from a 50/50 indoor outdoor cat to her spending most of her time inside and just letting herself out the doggy door a few times a day for some sun.   That's how she rolled for a few years up until a year ago when she had to have surgery.

Because of the surgery she couldn't be allowed outside while she healed so the cover went over the doggy door and it hasn't been taken off since.  I decided that with her age and the health problems she had been having that it was time to make the old lady settle down and put an end to her outside partying ways.

Overall she adjusted to becoming a full time indoor cat pretty well.  I think at first she felt so crappy from her surgery anyway she didn't really care and then before you knew it was summer and she has no interest in staying outside when its 112.  Ain't nobody want to be out in that!

But Fall and Spring are another story....that's when the weather is nice here in AZ and she wants in on some of that.  Sunning herself in my craft room window is no longer good enough....she craves the outdoors

It's this time of year that she sneaks out the door anytime we are taking out the garbage or bringing in the groceries.....opens the door with her little paw and scoots right on out

It's so funny to me because she seems to always find the spot right where the shade ends and sunshine she can't wait to go any further so she plops down at the first spot of sun she sees

 See how she's right on the shade line? lol

 And then she rolls....and rolls....and rolls

MoMo just loves soaking up those rays.....check out the video

And then after about 15 minutes.....she's ready to be an indoor cat again.  It's that damn Mohair suit she insists on wearing all the hot! 

 Get it....Mohair??  Merp!

The Boy didn't know that Mohair is a real joke was lost on him :(

Happy MoMo Monday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Little Changes

If you follow along with Wardrobe Wednesday you can skip over this next paragraph....I've said this before....

The reason I started Wardrobe Wednesday is not because I'm claiming to be a fashionista...I'm not one at all.  I merely started this as a way for me to break out of my clothing rut and start trying new things and "styling" myself a little more...hopefully boosting my confidence in turn.  I was always one of those self conscious type girls who admired the the clothing of other girls....but thought  it could NEVER possibly look good on me.  I decided it was time for me to stop wishing I could wear and just effing wear it already!  So here I am!

Throughout this whole process of learning to "style" myself I've learned that just making a few changes makes all the difference in the world.  Take this outfit for example

Hat: Fashion Q
T Shirt: Walmart
Jeans: Ross
Tennies: Little girls section @ Walmart
Leather earrings : One Little Belt

This outfit is very casual and not breaking fashion boundaries by any means....but it's very different from the way I would have worn it a year ago.  You see old Whitney totally would have bought the same shirt because I'm a sucker for stripes (read about my stripes obsession Here) and jeans are jeans so I would have had those too.

The difference is old Whitney would have just worn the shirt with the jeans rolled down like normal.  Instead I opted to roll them up for some interest (not sure if that's good or bad since I'm so short but I do it anyway lol)  I would have worn plain white sandals to match the white in the shirt (I had serious matchy matchy issues)   and that would have been the extent of the look.  How boring is that?  A Tshirt, jeans, and white sandals....bleh!

New Whitney wore leopard tennies for the heck of it, a hat, and even out people!  I've always felt funny wearing hats and still sort of do sometimes.  But the part of me that likes it is starting to overrule the part of me that's self conscious and I just do it.  And as for the earrings....I'm the girl who has worn stud diamond earrings for all the years I've had my ears me wearing these is a big deal in my world!  

Moral of the story here.....just those few small changes creates a totally different and more interesting look. 

Have a happy {Wardrobe} Wednesday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

MoMo Monday- Vacation

I'm starting to get REALLY anxious and sad about leaving MoMo behind while we go on vacation.  Yes, I know she's a cat and yes I know we don't leave until June.....but hear me out

Usually when we go on vacation I'll of course miss her....but she always has her Nana to stay with her so at least I'm not at all worried about her.  My mom takes great pride in being the pet sitter for me and all my sisters.  It's not uncommon for her to watch animals twice in one month between all of us.....she loves her furry grandbabies!

The problem this time is that literally EVERYONE will be gone on the same trip since it's for my sisters wedding...of course including our built in pet sitter.  My sisters are all having to book hotels that allow dogs....but that just isn't even an option for Miss MoMo.  Car rides stress her out soooo bad and I know ultimately it would just be bad for her health with her history and age.  I just can't do that to her.

So she's being left at home and we will be having friends check in on her....makes me feel bad!  She's way more attached to people than most cats are.  She can totally fend for herself if need be....but she loves attention like a dog so I'm sure this will be a long week for her...and me.

This of course is coming from the couple who call the house and leave her messages on the answering machine to say hi.....yep....we totally do!  My mom would play them for her and her little ears would perk up.  We're pathetic.....but I embrace it completely 

And it doesn't help either that when we are packing up she gets so sad.  The second she sees a suitcase or a bag com out of the closet and set down in the living room (my packing area of choice) she freaks out and gives me this sad face

She just sits there and watches you pack....its the most heartbreaking thing ever!  Then she usually plops down on my suitcase in protest


Friday, March 21, 2014

Farm Party Gift Wrap

A couple weekends ago my niece had a farm themed birthday party...and it was awesome!

Complete with petting zoo

Birthday girl and the pig

And this llama was a total badass!  He was like a celebrity on the red carpet.  I swear that as we all crowded around to take pictures he slowly turned toward each person to get their photo.....llama knows whats up!

And he was the best photo bomber ever

Anways.....getting the point of this post is the gift wrap.  I like to wrap gifts keeping with the theme of the celebration.  In fact, I have a whole section of my blog dedicated to this called "Creative Gift Wrapping"  (look on the left side of the main page)  You can see all my past gift wrapping there

Well of course this party was no different.  I decided to make the gift look like a barn.  It was really easy because all I needed was construction paper and a glue stick

And I did it in like 15 mins.....before I had to leave.  Procrastination at its finest people