Monday, February 20, 2012

When In Doubt....Make It Into a Magnet!

I recently have a new obsession with turning everything into a magnet.  Don't stand still too long....I may just hang you on the fridge.

The cupcakes were from a a playfood set.  Just hot glued magnets to the back.

                                                     Artwork courtesy of my niece Katie

The Mickey ice cream and Minnie cupcake are souvenirs that we bought on our Disneyland honeymoon.  They are actually antenna toppers.  I bought them because they were soo cute and to be honest....I'm a major cheap ass and they were one of the cheapest items in the gift shops.  I instantly knew I wanted to make them into magnets because A) My car doesn't even have an antenna and B) I wouldn't want to risk some stupid punk stealing it anyway.  Remember back in the day  when everyone had their Jack in the Box toppers stolen?  My point exactly

I attached the magnets on these with E-600 glue because I didn't want to risk hot glue melting the foam.

And here is my Lush collection of magnets.  Pictured at the top, I made a Skinny Girl magnet for my oldest sister.  She and I are both big fans of the whole Skinny Girl line of cocktails.  Then, for my husband I did bottle caps from some of his favorite beers and from Sailor Jerry...his #1 drink of choice.  For these I just filled the bottle caps with hot glue to the top and let it dry hard to make a flat surface.  Then just glue on the magnet.

A very quick project (the best kind there is!) with endless possibilities

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  1. Awww WHITNEY! I LOVE IT! Is that my "small prize" you where speaking of? The funniest thing is I am reading your post on my phone right now chillin by the pool and guess what is in my glass? U know me so well... lol ! I picked that cap out of the pics before I even read the whole post! I will save my caps so we can have a whole collection