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New York Crumb Cake (Also known as Christmas Crumb Cake in my family)

DISCLAIMER: If you're a food snob who has a problem with using store bought cake mixes....I suggest you leave now

I have a soft spot for cake mix.  It really saves you a lot of time and you can easily doctor them up and make them your own

I just like the idea of knowing I only have to make sure I have one box of cake mix instead of having to check to make sure I have enough flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder if I'm making chocolate cake, and possibly pudding,

And they're cheap

My high school culinary arts teacher always made this AMAZING coffee cake for teachers meetings and breakfasts at the school and she would always bring back the leftovers or us to eat in class

A handful of times I gorged myself on this cake and hoped one day we would make it in class

Well....the end of the semester came and we never did.  So I walked up to her on the last day of class and asked for the recipe.  She quickly pulled out a copy from a filing cabinet and I was on my way.  Had I known it would be that simple I would've asked for the recipe months ago....but I was major chicken shit back then and I always got nervous asking people for things

I made it for my mom to take to her work a few times and it was always a huge hit.  Then I started making it a Christmas morning tradition

I find that you're so busy opening gifts, then hurrying to get ready to make the family rounds, and cooking for dinner that it doesn't leave much time for breakfast

That's why this crumb cake is so perfect.  Just make it the day before and have it with some coffee or hot chocolate and everyone will be happy

Just mix up a box of yellow cake mix according to the directions below and spread evenly in a well greased sheet cake pan.  Bake for 15 minutes

While it's baking combine all the ingredients for the crumbs.  It will form a big lump like this

After the 15 mins that the cake baked, let it cool slightly.  Then begin breaking the dough up into large crumbs to cover the top of the entire cake

Bake another 15 mins and then let cool completely before eating

Here's a bonus story (lucky you!) on the fiasco I had this year making this cake

Now, normally I am pretty good at checking to make sure I have all the ingredients before I start making something....but of course the one time I'm not.....I don't have any freakin cinnamon!  I could have sworn I had some because I ALWAYS do.  Here I am cake baked and everything in the bowl to make the crumbs, minus cinnamon.  By this time its 9pm on Christmas Eve.

I hurry to the car to see if I can catch a place before they close.  Frys:Closed. Safeway:Closed.  Even Walmart which is my go to at 3am for emergencies is closed

So I get this bright idea in my head.  Don't they have cinnamon packets at gas stations?  Near the coffee?  I only need 2 tsp....I'll just grab a handful of those.

After passing 3 closed gas stations I get to an open Circle K.  I am looking all over the sugar packet cinnamon.  I walk around a little while and check again.  Still none. (as if they were going to magically appear) I can feel the cashiers watching me.  I can only imagine what they thought.  Crazy lady in her pajamas wandering aimlessly and digging through the sugar packets.

Now I fully intended on buying something if they had the cinnamon....because you can't just pick up packets and go without buying anything

If they didn't have any I planned to just leave, but I realized at this point I have made myself a suspicious target.  

I serve myself the smallest cup of hot chocolate they have and walk up to the register.  The cashier looks at me like I'm a freak and says..."that it?"  

"Yep," I say.
 "You sure?" he replies
"I'm sure"

I want to know what this guy thought of me.  I really, REALLY do.

So I drive home and pick up The Boy.  We decided to break into his parents house and steal some since they were out of town.  

But for the record, it's not really breaking and entering when you have a key.

I wouldn't want you all thinking I break into homes. That's just terrible! Geesh!

But it is still stealing

On our drive over there we noticed an open Walgreens.  The Boy ran in on a last ditch effort and luckily came out with the loot.

It saved is from being Christmas Eve thieves and I got to finish my cake

I hope everyone thought it was especially tasty this year.....they better damn it!!    

Now I'm wondering if there are any gas stations at all that have cinnamon packets.  Or was this just a crazy delusion of hope I made up in my sleep deprived head?

And for the record I didn't even drink a single sip of that hot chocolate.   Lame.

Moral of the story...check for all your ingredients.  Especially on Christmas Eve 

New York Crumb Cake (Christmas Crumb Cake)

1 Yellow cake mix
4 eggs, beaten
2/3 C. Milk
2/3 C. Oil

Crumb Topping

4 C. Flour
2/3 C. Brown Sugar
2/3 C. White Sugar
2 tsp. Vanilla
2 tsp. Cinnamon
3 sticks melted butter

Combine the cake mix, egs, milk, and oil.  Beat until smooth.  Spread in well greased sheet cake pan.
Bake for 15 mins at 350.  Meanwhile combine all ingredients for crumb topping.  

After 15 mins pull cake out and let cool slightly.  break apart crumb topping dough into large crumbs and cover the entire cake.  Bake and additional 15 mins

Let cool completely before serving

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