Sunday, August 12, 2012

Disney Vacation Countdown

I don't know about you....but I've been a big pile of useless during the Olympics.  I've been so mesmerized that I would rush straight home after work and park my ass on the couch for 4 hours of complete emotional instability.

One minute I'm relishing in every mistake made by the other countries.  Then I feel like a big bitch and the guilt causes me to root for everyone.  I literally clap out my living room.  

Oh...and I cry when anybody gets a gold.  Yep....anyone.  But when it came to gymnastics (my favorite)  I was practically sobbing for Gabby Douglas.  

So as you can imagine an emotional roller coaster like this:


 really takes up alot of time and energy!

There was just no time for anything.  I did the BARE MINIMUM.  I only washed our work clothes, washed enough dishes to prevent smells, and  took out the garbage.  I was slacking to say the least

That of course included blogging.  It's been nearly a week since my last post.  I just got done watching the Spice Girls perform at the closing ceremonies and I figured that was my cue to get back on the productive bandwagon and write a post.

The only craft I completed in the last week was our Disney Vacation countdown.  We're going for our one year wedding anniversary in November.

Let me tell you....we be Disney peeps!

(Clarification for those of you that don't speak crazy, that roughly translates to "We are Disney People")

Yes indeed.  We watched the Artistocats on our second date, he took my to Disneyland for my first birthday that we were together, and we went there on our Honeymoon.  We live and breathe the magic.

And I'm itching BAAAD for a Disney fix.  But I'm not quite sure if a countdown makes it better or worse???

I found these cute Disney stickers over in the scrapbooking area.  They cost a bit more than I am normally willing to spend so I called my hubby who was waiting in the car to come inside and buy one for me so we could use 2 coupons and get them 40% off each.  

There we were in Michael's waiting for the App to download on his phone to get the coupon. He's a sport.

I slapped them on some paper 

And put them in dollar store frames

 I got some small ones too to create a whole display

Complete with a can covered in Minnie inspired paper to hold the eraser and markers

I'm sure i'll be using this countdown for years to come!

Stay tuned for more Disney DIY projects as I prepare for our trip

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  1. I like your Disney countdown stuff. Have a great trip. Thank you so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party last week. This weeks Link Party is opened at
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