Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday- Floral Dress

Back in February while making one of my normal trips to Ross to browse I cam across this floral dress.  I liked it, it fit, and for $22 it seemed like a perfect solution to my attire dilemma for my friends wedding in April.  I put it in my closet and didn't think of it much more

Dress: Ross
Shoes: Guess


About a month or so later I was at the mall with my sisters and niece shopping for wedding shoes.  As we walked through the Juniors section at Macy's my eyes were instantly drawn to my same dress.

Now I always knew that the reason Ross has such good prices is because they take all the "leftovers" and extras from big stores.....but I guess I always thought of it as being sold sort of after the fact....if you know what I mean.  Not being sold at the same time as the big chain stores like Macy's.  Even funnier that I got it at Ross so much earlier too.  I'm sure this big revelation is nothing new for most of you.....I don't go to the mall much so I wouldn't often see my exact clothes being sold simultaneously at the big stores/

And why don't I shop at the mall?  This is why.....

The exact same dress cost almost $70! 

Heeeeeeelllll  nawww!    I mean I like the dress and all......but it sure as hell isn't worth that!  I almost didn't even buy it for the $22 because I'm used to spending around $15 on dresses.  I could get a whole new wardrobe for $70.  Ok not really......but I could get a few Ross priced outfits for the same amount.  I just can't even wrap my head around it.....why even shop there if you can get it somewhere else at the EXACT same time for more than half the price?? 

This experience single handedly solidified my devotion the the almighty Ross.  Love that place!

And now I hate malls even more.  Except of course for the mini pretzel bites with cheese.....the malls only saving grace.


Monday, May 5, 2014

MoMo vs. The Fly

With the summer heat already here in AZ we have had an influx of flies. I hate flies!  Especially when I have spend an hour of my time trying to kill them after I get home from work. 

MoMo is usually completely uninterested while I go on my killing rampage.  In fact....she is generally asleep throughout the entire process. That is until the other night.....

I found her sitting under the kitchen table staring at a dead fly.  Just staring.  I called her name and her focus could not be broken

(Sorry for the blurry photo, it was dark and I had to take it far away and zoom in so that she wouldn't move if  I got any closer)

The even funnier part is that she kept lowering her head to look at it even closer

This fly had her completely baffled.  Or maybe she's just surprised to finally see something smaller than herself.  Either way her amazement with it was adorable

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Star Wars Candy Bar

In honor of today being Star Wars day....."May The 4th Be With You" I decided it was finally time for me to share the Star Wars themed candy bar I did last summer.

Growing up in a household full of girls.....Star Wars wasn't a big thing for us.  In fact I know little to nothing about it.  That is until I asked The Boy to give me a crash course in it so I could help plan this birthday party.

He of course knows anything and everything there is to know about "The Force" and was my consultant throughout the whole process.  He even went to  his parents house and dug through his old toys to bring as decoration for the table......he was pretty into it.

Let's start off with the drinks....I made a red punch and dubbed it Darth Vaderade

The Boy had an old Darth Vader stamp so I stamped the napkins using Staz On ink so it wouldn't transfer

And I made this little sign for the utensils.   I was waaaaaay to impressed with myself with this one.  Couldn't stop laughing...but my guess is it's not as original as I thought it was in my head

And now on to the actual candy bar.......


Let's start off with licorice....

And Tootsie Pops

Some candy coated little meteors

Teddy grahams made for awesome Ewok cookies


Some Star Wars fruit snacks......because everyone loves fruit snacks

And you can't forget the Princess Leia buns.....or pecan wheels in this case

We also had a basket of storm troopers

Which were big marshmallows that we drew storm trooper faces on using food coloring markers.  Who am I kidding....we?  I had zero to do with it.....I gave this job to The Boy.  He knows all the various trooper faces

Some thermal detonators.....

And last but not least.....Wookie Cookies

These were Star Crunch that we colored with sharpie for the mouth and eyes.  Then a dot of white paint for the eyeballs, and we used plain white labels cut to look like teeth and stuck on

That's it for the candy bar!

And here's the cake I made for the birthday boy......


And one more little Star Wars related extra for you...

A few years ago when I was showing The Boy all my baby pictures we came across one of me in the snow.  The first thing he said was "Holy crap! You look like Han Solo!!"

Of course I had no idea what he was talking about until he pulled up an image on google.  

The resemblance is uncanny

Except for my awesome glow in the dark dinosaur sneakers I'm rocking.  Han Solo ain't got shit on that!

Happy Star Wars Day!  May the Fourth Be With You!