Saturday, June 30, 2018

Veggie Confetti Slaw

About 3 years ago I found myself in the same position I am in every June.  Cranky, swamp-assy, and hungry.  The hungry part is a year round thing.....but I digress....

Summers in Arizona are brutal. Like I HATE the summer time.  You always hear about Seasonal Depression but most of the time its in reference to cold and gloomy weather.  Well, for me it's the opposite.  The same way people feel trapped from the cold, I feel trapped from the heat.  The most annoying part is everyone seems to think I should just be ok with it since I'm a native.  I can say something as simple as "It's like an oven out there!" and suddenly everyone has an opinion and their judgy eyes 😏

"Aren't you from here?"

"You're like a native right? Aren't you used to it by now?

"If it's so bad then move."

And then I look like this:


Yes, I am born and raised here.  No, I am not used to it.  I'll never get used to having a slip and slide between my boobs half the year.  I'll never get used to feeling sweat drip from the back of my neck, down my back, and into my butt crack.  And I don't think I'll ever just be "ok" with it still being 90 degrees at 3am. K?  Just let me feel my feels people!!

It's annoying......but back to being swampy assy, cranky, and most importantly HUNGRY!

Every summer I try to come up with as many cold meals as possible.  Turning on the oven is just.....

That leaves cold meals or limited stove top cooking (cuz even that can really heat up the house)  One day a couple years ago I really needed a side to go with a rotisserie chicken I bought (I'll leave the meat roasting to the grocery stores from May-August).  I went through my fridge and used literally every vegetable I had and created this slaw.  I've been obsessed with it ever since!  I make it almost weekly during the summer for the last 3 years.  

My recipe uses Jalapeno powder, but you can leave it out altogether or substitute with any other form of heat you like. My mom bought it for me at small spice shop and I really love it!  It's an easy way to get a really even heat as opposed to fresh jalapeno.  Since it's a powder it mixes well into the dressing for even distribution.  No biting down on chunks of jalapeno or getting a serving that has none at all.  I've seen it sold on Amazon if you want to give it a go.....I highly recommend it!

Veggie Confetti Slaw

1 small head red cabbage, shredded
2 sweet  bell  peppers, julienned
3 c. shredded carrot
8 green onion, sliced thin
2 cucumbers, seeded and julienned
1 bunch cilantro finely chopped (about 3/4c.)

1 c. mayo
2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2-2 tsp. jalapeno powder depending on desired heat (optional)
1 tsp. cumin
1 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
Zest and juice of one lime

 Toss all sliced and julienned veggies together in large bowl.  Whisk together all ingredients for dressing and pour over veggies.  Toss to coat evenly.  Best if allowed to sit at least one hour before serving.