Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dying Your Crinoline

Crinoline, pettiocoat, slip, under your dress thingamabob....whatever you want to call it....you should dye it


Cuz it looks awesome and I say so

You already have a blindingly white dress.....why not break it up by giving people a little peep of color while you do the cha cha slide

I got mine for $Free.99 when I bought my dress.....right in my price range

I just followed the RIT dye instructions

I didn't do a good job of periodically untwisting it while it was in the washer...so it has a slight ombre effect.  This was back in 2010 before the fad.....I was way ahead of my time.....just sayin

This one little detail makes for some epically awesome pictures

And here it is just BARELY peeking out in this picture of us coming down the stairs before our formal pictures

This is the picture that my sister Bree says we all look like a bunch of newborn deer walking for the first time hahaha...shaky legs and all

High heels, flowers, steep stairs, dresses, breathing, and directing children is alot to handle all at once

And this one....

Bow chicka wow wow

This is a really cheap, quick, and easy project that makes a big difference

Now go to Wally World and buy some RIT.......go....shooo!


  1. You're right. That does look awesome!!!

  2. This is such a GREAT idea! Every bride should do it!!