Monday, January 28, 2013

Color Themed Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Bathroom baskets are another wedding trend right now.....but I happen to LOVE the idea of them!

I think it's great to have some added perks for your guests as well as things they very well may need for those "oh shit" moments

How many people carry pepto? Or safety pins? Hair ties?  Or even deoderant?

Well actually....I carry deoderant.  When you live in Arizona and work in a kitchen where you stand directly over flames and stick your head in ovens on a regular basis....carrying deodorant is a smart move...for everyone's sake

But while I carry deodorant on a daily basis....chances are for a wedding I wouldn't be carrying my day to day purse...but most likely a small clutch of some sort.  So my point is...chances are people wont have this stuff on them...but they could need it!

If you go on Pinterest or Google and look up bathroom'll see dozens....hundreds.....millions.....TRILLIONS....

They're pretty doggone popular!

But what I think sets mine apart from most of the ones I've seen is that I tried to keep mine as themed to the wedding colors as I possibly could

Even going as far as to make custom labels for bottles out of scrapbook paper so they would match

And I bought as many items in pink or brown as hair ties, pink hair spray, pink tic tacs..etc

Here's some pictures of basket in the women's restroom

My full list of items in the basket is:

*Pink & brown dixie cups for the mouthwash
*Spray deodorant (pink)
*Tide stain stick
*Mini sewing kit
*Mini first aid kit
*Hair ties
*Lint roller
*Bobby pins
*Small nail kit (clippers, emery  board)
*Colgate Wisps
*Cotton balls, cotton pads, and Qtip set (all pink)
*Pads & tampons
*Jar of pink Tic Tacs

We didn't get a picture of the mens basket, but it was considerably smaller since it doesn't need the obvious girly items like tampons and hair ties

I used brown spray deodorant in the mens and included gel in addition to the hair spray

I had alot of fun trying to track everything down in my colors.  It was almost like a scavenger hunt.  I would have my mom calling me from stores telling me what she found. Most everything was from either the dollar store or travel sections

I had so many people tell me how much they liked the added touch of the baskets.  I had one of my best friends from work tell me she was SOOO happy when she say the hairspray because her hair she worked so hard on was starting to fall....she said she thinks she used half the can lol

So help yours guests out and leave them some extras!  You wouldn't want them heading out early over an upset stomach now would ya?....just direct them to the bathroom for some Tums and Pepto and get them back out on that dance floor!

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  1. That's a great idea! I'm pinning it for sure!