Who's this broad?

Welcome to my blog! Perhaps you've read a post or two and now you're thinking...."who's this broad?"

I'm the one in red giving the thumbs up

Well.....here's a few (more like 50) random facts about me that might help answer that question. Feel free to stop at 10....or 36. It's your call really

1. The name is Whitney, Whit, Weenie, Wiwi, or Whitters......depending on who you are. I am 23 years old and started this blog when I was 22

2. I have to put in AT LEAST 2 tsp. of vanilla in any given recipe...minimum...even if the recipe calls for less

3. The only food I can think of that I really hate is lamb.  I can eat most everything else without complaint

4. I have a tattoo of half an avocado on my right inner bicep...my husband has the other half.  Yea....we're cute and shit

5. I am the youngest of 4 girls and have 3 nieces....we are a female dominated family

6. In second grade I spit balled almost the entire ceiling of the girls bathroom....my mom calls that my break out year.  Before that I was really shy and quiet.....funny how things have changed

7. I have a pretty severe case of emetophobia (fear of vomit) It is one of the main reasons I don't see myself having children any time soon even though I would love to be a mother.  On the bright side, it kept me from attending any sketchy parties in high school

8. I first became an aunt at the ripe old age of 9.  My oldest sister is 12 years older than me

9. I am fluent in Ubi Dubbi.  If you don't know what that is...I feel sad for you (the language spoken on the old PBS show "Zoom")

10. Me and They Boy got married November 3, 2011.  I was 21 and he was 24

12. I had girl hamster that I mistakenly raised as a boy and named it Gonzo.  I found out a year into owning it but continued to refer to her as a boy.  I loved that damn hamster so much!

13.  I love Cheetos... But they don't love me. When I eat corn products it's as if someone shoved a straw down my esophagus and blew air into my stomach.  Everytime I eat them I contemplate changing my name to Goodyear

14. When I was broke as hell I made lunches and sold them to people at my mom and sisters works. I also sold pies at Thanksgiving time. I always tell my husband that at least in a bind we know I can hustle like a mad woan.  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

15. I LOVE all things Disney.  It really is magical

16. While I wouldn't consider myself a serious yogi (I've never attended a class, I only do it at home for fear of the noises I will make).  It's the only work out of my life I don't dread every single time

17. I can't stand football.  But I like basketball and baseball

18. My cat Mo is the love of my life....aside from my husband of course

19. I once had an ingrown toenail for nearly 2 years straight.  I didn't have insurance at the time and urgent care made it worse!  TMI? Too Much Ick?

20. My two drinks of choice are vodka and tequila. Anything less is a waste of my time ;)

21. I used to waitress at Johnny Rockets when I was 18/19 and had to wear a bow tie, hat, and dance to Stayin Alive.  It's not as fun as it sounds. Trust me

22. Aurora is my favorite Disney princess. I watched the movie so much as a kid I wore out the VHS

23. I love all things briney.  Pickles, gardianera, capers... You name it. I could drink vinegar.

24. Some of my favorite shows of all time are. I Love Lucy, The Nanny, Golden Girls, and Roseanne.  I love witty women!

25. I can't eat a quesadilla or cheese crisp unless it is cut into triangles like pizza....any other way just seems wrong.  And tearing into it?  Forget about it!

26. I am OBSESSED with my cat. I already mentioned her in #18 See......obsessed I tell you.  But everyone who meets her falls in love with her....even the self proclaimed cat haters

27. Checking the mail makes me nervous.  Every. Single. Time.  When my husband says he is going to go get it I change the subject and try to distract him as much as possible

28. When I was little I had the hots for Robin off of Batman: The Animated Series.  He really revved my 4 year old engine ;)

29. I collect all things cupcake and have a fair amount of I Love Lucy things as well

30. I don't believe in organized religion. I have NOTHING against those who do though.  Do whatever makes you happy.  I just personally believe in God and morals and doing the best I can to make myself and others feel good

31. I have a HUGE forehead.  I could charge people money and project movies onto it (perhaps another future hustling opportunity?)

32. I have been fat.  I have NEVER been skinny.  I have also been various sizes in between.  I have to work hard to maintain the body I have....even if it's not a super skinny one

33. When I was little anytime I heard my mom move her car keys I would come running from wherever I was because I was afraid she was going to leave without me.....paranoid much?

34.  I already have a hoard of stuff for the children I don't have.  Tubs.  Boxes.  It's not good

35.  I'm such a homebody.  I completely skipped over the young adult stage and went straight to old lady status. I like to shop at dollar stores, craft, and watch TV in my underwear.  That is my ideal Saturday night

36. I have dreams of being an SNL cast member.  I'm just not sure that Lorne Michaels is looking for an impressionist of my coworkers but if he ever is....I'm ready!

37. I won the district wide poetry contest for my age in the second grade.  The first line of the poem was "I like Spam"   Yep....it happened

38. I eat a low carb lifestyle about 90% of the time.  It just makes me feel good on the inside and has me at the healthiest I have ever been

39. When I was 5 I fell off my bike and face planted it in the street.  My lips puffed up so big I looked like a duck.  We call this my "kissing the street" incident

40. When I was little I slept in a "nest" of blankets and pillows on my bedroom floor.  I moved into my bed about a year later but I still prefer to be surrounded by things when I sleep.  Which means I also LOVE to sleep with clean laundry on my bed.  I know....I'm a weirdo.

41. I ran into Topanga (Danielle Fishel) on our honeymoon at Disneyland. And I mean I LITERALLY ran into her coming out o the candy shop on main street.  My bad Topanga!

42. Everything I am thinking is written alllllll over my face.  In my head I'm stone faced....but I have been told otherwise on multiple occasions.  Which is exactly why I was a bad waitress.  Don't get me wrong, I rocked the crap out of the actual "work", but I literally had a customer tell me once "I wish you could see the face you just gave me."  Ooops.  I just can't hide my reactions to stupid. 

43. I am a dollar store fanatic.  I'm pretty positive most bloggers are

44. Fruit punch is like crack to me.  In fact I now call Kool Aid "Cruel Aid" because it definitely attributed to some serious weight gain over the summer before high school.  See....my mom never bought that stuff for us as kids.  We ate very healthy for the most part.  As I got older my mom started to buy more junk....so I was like a fat kid in a candy store.  Or more appropriately a chubby girl at a Kool Aid stand.  Over one summer I became a Fatty McButter Pants.  Damn you fruit punch and your alluring color and sugar buzz!  (the deep fryer my sister bought me for Christmas that year didn't help either.  Love you Bree! ;)

45.  I'm pretty sure I have road rage.  There's been a few occasions where I have gotten out of my car.  Both incidents were in parking lots though...so maybe it's parking lot rage?

46.  I have never had any surgeries or been in the hospital for any reason.  (Knock on wood)  Now that I said that tomorrow morning one of my vital organs will shut down....just you watch

47.  I went to culinary school and paid way too much money.  Now I'll be in debt for the rest of my life.  But I'm not bitter at all.  Nope....not a bit

48.  I ugly cry something FIERCE.  And I'm a very emotional person....which makes for an awesome combination

49.  I personify inanimate objects because I have a theory that if you take good care of them and treat them like family they will take good care of you in return.  That's why my car is named Cammy Corolla and I treat her like another child. (besides my cat of course..as you can see none of my children are human) You can see me pat and hug the steering wheel or hear me telling my husband that "she's tired" and needs a break.  Judge away.....but she's taking good care of me! lol 

50. I love to blog and hope that it can either entertain you or inform you in some way.  Next time you have a holiday wreath crisis....I'm here for YOU!


  1. I can't believe I read the whole thing!
    You are a hot ticket...thanks for the info

  2. Omg, I ended up reading them all. You are very entertaining and witty. I feel a connection I guess because my Mom's cat is also named Mo Mo, never heard that one before now.

  3. Wow! We have a lot of things in common! The main things being that I'm also a severe emetophobe and I have 3 sisters as well and I'm 12 years older than my younger sister! How awesome! :)