Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flip Flop Baskets

I wanted to have baskets of flip flops in the bathrooms for the women because let's face it......

Girls wear heels to look cute....not to comfortably dance all night long

(all night.....all night)

I apologize.  I just had to go there

So before the girls ended the night walking out like the zombies in the Thriller video, heels in hand.  It's the walk of pain....but hey....least it's not the walk of shame!

I figured I would offer them an  alternative...comfy flip flops...coordinating with my wedding colors of course!

I watched the ads at Hobby Lobby and waited until their flops flops were 50% off.  They are normally $1.99 so you get them for a buck...not too shabbyy!

I got them in a variety of sizes (but more of Medium than any other size) in a mix of pink and brown

I made individual size tags to hang from them that I made out of cardstock, some stamps, and ribbon

And rubber banded them together at the bottoms....then I pealed off their little size sticker from the bottom.   The reason I made my own was so it was at the top and they wouldn't have to dig through the entire basket to find their size....it was displayed right in view

Stuck them all in a big basket that was next to the bathroom baskets

And let the ladies have at em'!

Here I am pretending to be all shocked an appalled that they were completely wiped out

 (if you can't see...the board says WTF?)

But I wasn't!  I was glad to see they were put to use!

Everyone loved them!  Like I said in my bathroom baskets post....I like to give the guests that little extra something that makes them feel like they were thought of

Yes ladies....I was thinking of your poor little feetsies.....you're welcome! =)

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