Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paint Your Old Converse

So this post is about painting shoes....true....but isn't it Disney Week?

Yes.  yes it is.

The Boy and I wanted to dress up (kinda sorta) for this trip to Disneyland.  For Day1 we wanted to be Mickey and Minnie because they are the cutest couple ever....next to us of course  ;)

Black shirt. Check
Red pants. Check
Ears. Check  (check out my DIY Mens Mickey ears)

All that was left was the yellow shoes

I had an old pair of high top Converse that I've literally had since I was 14.  I wore them to my very first day of high school.  (my outfit was GOD AWFUL by the way)  No joke.  So that makes them 8 years old.

They held up well as far as wear and tear goes....but they are more faded then a bunch of high schoolers drinking Hpnotiq at a house party. Faded and all, I could never seem to part with them.  Now I'm happy I hoarded them all these years

And then for The Boy I got him a pair of knock offs from Walmart for only $11.  We looked in the stores and it would have cost us $55 to get an actual pair of yellow Converse his size.....I'd say we saved a few bucks...dontcha think?

Tape off all the rubber areas and start painting. Here I am working on his

It took me about 5 or so coats.  I probably should have primed them...which I figured out doing the first shoe....but then I was afraid they wouldn't look the same so I just kept at the multiple coats on all the shoes

I finished my pair off with a few coats of glittery yellow paint.  It didn't show up well in pictures but it was really cute in person.  I liked it because it wasn't in yo face glitter..... but more of a subtle sparkle.   Which is weird for me....I normally like things to look like a disco ball of in yo face sparkle.  It was a nice change

Just let them dry completely and peel off your tape.  That's it!

Here we are waiting in line for the Pooh ride 

Waiting for the train

And meeting our fashion inspiration himself

We walked all over The Happiest Place on Earth for 15 hours and the shoes gave us no problems...no cracking or paint falling off which I was a little worried about...we were all good in the hood!

Come back tomorrow for the final DIY project of our Mouse outfits!

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