Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Glitter Heels

I'm the type of person who once I get an idea in my head it's nearly impossible to get me to do anything else

So add in the madness that comes with the territory of being a bride.....and you have yourself a stubborn situation

I had long dreamed of having the perfectly pink glittery peep toe heels for my wedding day.  I searched EVERYWHERE for these damn shoes

Every single store in the mall. over outlet, every discount store, and every single store online.....with no luck

The choices were slim at best but the few I did find always looked too purple to me.  The one online store that I did find that had the PERFECT color was sold out.  I even emailed the company asking if they would be getting them anytime soon.....they said no

I had to take drastic measure....I had to make them myself!

Keep in mind people that this was back in early summer of 2010.....this was probably my second wedding project EVER after getting engaged  (the first project was our Cardbox)  

Now ladies.....I know this is practically impossible to imagine....but this project was done back in The Dark Ages....ya know.....before The Enlightenment (ie..Pinterest) Back in the day when you had to come up with dinner on your own and you bought magazines for home decorating inspiration (does anyone buy those anymore??)

Before people glittered everything from animal toys

to walls

 Needless to say, I felt like I was breaking ground over here by glittering them you can't scroll down half a page without seeing somebody's project whose done it

I bought a pair of heels that seemed perfect in every way...height....(I wanted high so I wouldn't have to hem)  perfect peep....and only $20 on ebay....just not shimmery

(Prepare yourself for some seriously old, seriously bad flash photography ladies and gents)

Here they are with the heel taped off right before I started

Ignore the fact that it's tacky glue in this picture....because I quickly realized Mod Podge is better and switched to that....but this picture shows you how I worked

Painted on the Mod Podge, then sprinkled on the glitter and moved my way around the shoe

After the whole shoes was covered, I did another light coat again and let it dry.  And lastly gave the whole shoe a coat in just the glue to seal it all in really well

Ta dah!  It worked out really good.  They held up well and I've even worn them twice since the wedding without any problems

I like this picture because it looks like Kinsey is getting seriously annoyed with me...something about the body langauge of the hand looking like she wants to smack the shit outta me.......

While I was at it I glittered some plain white shoes for the flower girls to match me

And some headbands for them

I wish I could have spent my morning coloring....coloring does a body milk

 It's just sooo relaxing

Even though I just explained a project you've seen about 409,673 times on Pinterest.....I hope it still inspires you!


  1. These look exactly like my wedding shoes!! I got mine for $20 on clearance at JCPenney but let me tell you, they were painful! I carried them most of the day so I'm glad they were cute!

    Here is a link if you want to see:

    Congrats on the cute wedding:)

  2. I absolutely love your shoes! They're fabulous!!!! And I hope you pinned them... :-)

  3. I think everything should be glittered, I love the shoes xo

  4. Oh my goodness - they look fantastic!! Holy cow, I would have been too scared to try it out myself, haha. And I love that you glittered the shoes and headbands to have the flower girls match you. So cute.

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the pink peeking out at the bottom of your dress! I also made some glitter shoes way before everyone else (not as early as you though) but I never blogged about it for various reasons so now I think of them as the you-snooze-you-lose glitter shoes ;)