Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY Drink Stirrers

I didn't want the personalized napkins I made to be all lonely at the bar.....they needed another DIY buddy to hang with

So I decided on drink stirrers

I feel like "stirrers" is hard to say

I feel like I end up saying stirrrerr..errr.err...errrrs.  Like I don't know when to stop with the "r"s

Is this just me?

  I'll just call them drink flags and save myself the embarassment

I got myself this sticks at Wally World called Skinny Sticks....and they are just that.  Sticks that are skinny

And I bought some different patterned scrapbook paper in our wedding colors.....that's pink and brown in case you're color blind.  I like to cater to everyones needs here

I got all different patterns because I didn't want to be all matchy matchy....I like the mixed up look

I cut out strips, wrapped them around the stick, and used a glue stick to seal them together

You could do the same thing with washi tape...which is all the rage right now and then you could skip the gluing step

But either way it works!

I made a whole bunch

A great addition to any bar!


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