Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Mens Mickey Ears (out of a baseball cap)

This last trip to Disneyland was for our one year wedding relive our honeymoon.

At my bridal shower my sister Kinsey gave us the most AWESOME gift ever and got us the bride and groom set of Mickey ears

It was an exciting moment in my life!
(^Damn am I white here or what!?!)

When we got to the park The Boy was such a good sport about wearing his ears!  I expected that he would wear them for a few pictures and then want to put them in a locker or something.....but he was awesome and wore them the whole trip

And here's a funny ride picture

We wore the hell outta those ears!

And here is our Oh so artistic cell phone shot of our drive home....back to reality for us. Waaaah! :(

This time around I knew I was going to wear Minnie ears....but I started thinking about The Boy.
I'm sure he would be up for wearing plain Mickey ears....but an idea started brewing in my little head.

He's sort of signature look (if you can call it a "look") is that he is ALWAYS wearing a cap....most of the time backwards too.  

I know what you're thinking....he's breaking fashion barriers here people!  So original!!

I thought it would be funny to make him his own Mickey ears out of a plain black baseball cap

Here's what I did

 First thing I did was figure out how big I wanted the ear to be.  I made my own paper template by drawing 2 circles with a strip in between that's about 3/4"  wide and about 1/2" long (distance between the two circles)  But you can play around with it to make it exactly how you want it in proportion to the ears you are making

Then I cut it out of stiffened felt

Cut a short strip of the felt to lay in between the two circles.

Hot glue it in place and then fold the two circle up and hot glue them together

The middle strip was skinny because a thicker piece would have kept the two circle from lining up correctly once you folded them.  Since the skinny piece doesn't provide much support for attaching it to the hat, I hot glued it to a wider piece of felt as a base

I put a THIN strip of hot glue down the center of the base and attached it to the hat.   Then hand sewed the edges down

I added an iron on "M" and it was done!

(If you can't tell...we like to take the same pics each time we go...thus the always pointing to our pins)

Here is a good side profile shot of it....where you can see its manly baseball "capishness" (<--new word)

I was trying to pass him off as rare and exotic to make some cash....but upon further inspection they returned him -__-

I think they were a success....slightly manlier. manly as you can get wearing mouse ears I guess

A few people even asked him where he bought them and I got to smile proudly as he told them his wife made them.  Winning!


  1. This was very ingenious & manly too! where did you get your stiffened felt?

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