Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Guide to (some) Food in California Adventure

I'm not claiming to be an expert about the California Adventure food......because I'm certainly not

Mostly because I just haven't been there nearly as many times as I have been to Disneyland

And partly because EVERY time I's all different!

Back in 2009 we had these awesome ice cream cones from a little shop in a big train car

Went back a year later....gone! (But I'm wondering now if the Paradise Pier ice cream is the same? I'll just have to find out!)

The park is changing CONSTANTLY.....and deifnitely for the's really starting to grow into something awesome

The first time I went we were done doing absolutely everything we wanted to do (even multiple times on rides) in only 4 hours

This last trip we stayed the entire day.....thanks to Cars Land!

But because of all this we haven't been able to have an standard favorite snacks that we always eat on every trip....but that comes with time and hopefully we're finding some now

When Cars Land opened this past summer The Boy and I were constantly reading reviews and articles, watching Youtube videos.....gathering info all around. We're nerds like that

I knew I was SUPER excited to eat over in the little Cozy Cone Motel food court

The first thing we got was the pretzel bites.....I had a hankering for cheese sauce that day

And they were pretty much what you would expect....pretzely....salty....and cheesy.  You got a decent amount for $4.99

I was sad to reach the bottom


They had a Chili Cone...but we opted to get the Chicken Verde Cone for $6.99...and it was really good!

Perfect amount of green chile spice and the bread that the cone is made of is delicious!  It's like cresecent dough because of its flakiness but it tastes even better

And last but not least over in the Cozy Cone area......was the Cone Drink cup!

Let me tell you....I was SOOOOO excited get one of these cones ever since I laid eyes on them through Youtube videos

We got the biggest one they had...a 32oz full of soda for $11.99.  

It may seem a little steep for soda, but I had been dreaming of walking around the park sipping on a my traffic cone for 5 months and damn it I just had to have it!

And after we finished the soda we would fill it up with water at drinking it served us well the whole day

Here is a slightly embarassing picture of me back in our hotel room....but it shows how pumped I was about this freakin cone

The Boy made me a vodka cranberry and I propped myself up in bed, watched SNL and sipped on my cone until I fell asleep

I know........ I look like a hot mess.....and trashy as shit......but 5 months of my life was leading up to this moment and I wasn't about to let my day end without another round of cone action

Next stop on our food crawl.....Flo's V8 Cafe

When we were reading the menu we got really excited about this Veggie Tater Bake

It was described as:  Roasted vegetables, cauliflower, Bulgur wheat, soy crumbles, and smashed red skin potatoes, topped with cheddar cheese. Served with a choice of one side and a garlic chive roll

Obviously this was more aimed toward vegetarians, but The Boy and I love roasted vegetables so  much and it was different from anything else we had ever seen in the parks so we decided to give it a go

We chose the pasta salad as our side but you could also have roasted corn medley, vegetarian baked beans, peas and carrots, cole slaw, or mashed potatoes. 

Now here's the deal....I REALLY REALLY wanted to love it.....I really did.  But I came away just sorta liking it

I love the idea of the dish but it just didn't quite live up to what I had hoped for.  The vegetables were a little more of a mush than I wanted....I was hoping the roasted vegetables would have more texture  And while it tasted good and certainly not was just ok.

The pasta salad and roll were good sides.....but I also think my main issue with it was the portion size for $10.49

The entree itself seemed small for that price, especially in comparison the other peoples dishes I saw that got meats

Maybe we would have been better off trying the citrus turkey breast plate, the NY strip, or the pork loin with Coca Cola BBQ sauce.

Now we know.

Our saving grace in Flo's besides the awesome decor and atmosphere was the milkshake

We got a classic Vanilla.  All the shakes are topped with "gravel"  AKA crunchy candy yummies

I really liked the added crunch.  It was a good shake and only $3.99 without the souvenir glass

At the end of the night we decided to get something for dinner while we staked out spots for World of Color.

We both made eyes at each other and we both knew what that meant......corn dogs! No words necessary

We already had them at Disneyland the day before which you can read all about  HERE but they're just so good we had to get them again

They're the exact same thing but in CA the stand is called Corn Dog Castle

Nom nom nom nom nom!!!

They actually have more options at Castle Dogs than the corn dog cart in Disneyland.  In addtion to just the plain corn dog you can get a cheddar dog or a hot link corn dog.

Those are most definitely on my list of things to try on my next link.... 

The only other words of advice I can give you is to not ever bother eating at Award Wieners over in the Hollywood backlot area, across from Live On Stage. Well....of course you can certainly do whatever the hell you want.  Who the hell am I to stop you?

But we only ate there once on our very first trip and it wasn't very memorable.  The prices were about the same as the corn dog prices (also includes chips or apples) but it just didn't seem like as good of a value.  

I remember the hot dogs seeming kind of small and finishing it in about 2 minutes tops and still feeling hungry.  They didn't taste all that good either.  Nothing to write home about.  Not at all like how the corn dog fills you up and not to mention are un-effin-believable

So save yourself the disappointment and walk your happy ass across the park to Castle won't regret it!


  1. Looking forward to checking out the new cars land. Thanks for this review of the food not to miss at DCA. Just pinned!

  2. We got back from Dland today & of course we love the corndogs but wanted to let you know the cheesedogs are amazing, my hubs even likes them more than the corndogs, which I understand is a bold statement. So definitely try a cheesedogs next time alongside your Corndog, they don't disappoint!

    1. Oh geez....I'm already having serious Disney withdrawals and this makes me want to get in my car and drive there now! I assumed that the cheesedogs would be amazing....but glad to hear from somebody who had them. Now I'm hungry