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A Guide to Food in Disneyland

Part of the fun of the Disneyland experience is gorging yourself on all the food.  It's basically a day long food crawl

Me and The Boy have our day down to a science.  What we ride first, when we get fast passes, and when we stop for certain's an art form really

We like to sort of graze all day long instead of stopping for long sit down meals.  We have on occasion, but when we're in full ride mode we like to eat while we walk or stand in line to maximize our time

Here are some of our favorite foods along with a few things we tried for the very first time
All prices are according to when we were there 11/2-11/3/2012

We always start our day out in Adventureland and move our way into New Orleans Square.  After we've ridden all those rides we've usually been there about an hour and a half to 2 hours and we're ready for our first pit stop

The eating frenzy always begins at the Royal St. Veranda in New Orleans Square for a bread bowl full of clam chowder

For $9.29 you get this delciousness

Usually we get our own, but we'd had a pretty big breakfast at our hotel so we shared this time and it was a good amount for two people as a snack

Mmmmm....creamy, clammy, goodness.  And dippage is a must

I have never veered away from the chowder, but my sister and her husband stopped here for soup too.  She got the chowder and he got the gumbo.  While I guess the gumbo wasn't terrible, she said he kept stealing bites of her chowder, which I think says it I'll just stick with what I know.

It's a pretty good value for what you get and how filling it is

And for proof of how we ALWAYS get it....Circa Honeymoon

I guess this window always fritters too....I had never noticed until this last trip..(probably because I was too focused on chowder) and they switch up the flavors periodically with seasons.  Since it was fall they were pumpkin flavored so we decided to get all wild and shit and give them a go

They were sooo sooooo good!  Kind of like eating a pumpkin churro.  They were really fluffy inside with big chunks of pumpkin and rolled in cinnamon sugar

You get 4 big fritters for only $3.69, which I thought was a very good price.  We will definitely be getting them again!

 Next stop....Chimichungas!

This seems to be one of the lesser known Disneyland treats....from at least what I've noticed anyway.  Whenever I bring it up most people don't even know about them.  I think it might be because it's only sold at one little window stand Edelweiss Snacks located behind the Matterhorn

It also sells corn and turkey legs, which seems to be what most people go for....but if you've never had the chimichunga before you're missing out!

This is me ridiculously excited...but I was waiting to eat it until we got on the I was just smelling it to tide me over

I'm a weirdo....yes.  And he  likes to takes pictures of me being weird to prove it

A very flattering picture of me wolfing it down......I'm such a delicate flower -__-

Num nums....

Okie doke......moving right along

I have a confession. I'm almost embarassed to admit that up until this last trip I had never had a Dole Whip.

I know, I know!  Blasphemy!  It's such a Disneyland favorite of so many I'm a little ashamed.  But funny enough The Boy had never had one either.  So we broke our Dole Whip cherries.  Or I guess it would be more fitting to say we crushed our pineapples? bahahahaha

I have an extremely corny sense of humor if you haven't picked that up yet.  But that's what happens when you're 23 going on 60

There are 2 different option, the classic Dole Whip is like a pineapple soft serve, and then there is a Dole Whip float.  We decided since it was our first time we would take it easy and go gotta take it slow the first time. ;)

You get a cute swirly tower of Whip for $3.69.....and it was the perfect amount to share, that is if you're willing to

The boy dived right in

We both give it a big thumbs up.  Where has this been my whole life?  I can't believe I wasted 22 years of my life before having one...especially considering my love of pineapple

Next time I'll have to get the float

And I have a "thing" for floats of all when we're in line I'm sure I'll look like this

I may need to medicate beforehand

Oh yea, and these are over by the Tiki Room right at the entrance to Adventureland

Now for Churros!

Who doesn't love a churro? It's crunchy yet chewy fried dough in cinnamon sugar....alllll good!

You can get those all over the park at the little carts for $3.50

And last but certainly not least....we ended our night with corn dogs

You get these at Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs at the end of main street.  The line can be epically long but it does move fast so don't be scared

Unless of course you get stuck behind the family of 6 who have been in line for 12 minutes and wait until they get to the window to start deciding what everybody wants.  

Oh. Em. Geeeee.

I want to give parents like that a swift punch to the larynx

Chips or apples?......  Honey?  Chips or apples?  What do you want? Apples?.......  Or chips?

For god sake just give the damn kid some effin apples and call it a day!! 

End rant.

I LOVE corn dogs....and let me tell you these are some of the best you'll ever have!

Perfectly crispy but still soft and fluffy and they are GINORMOUS!

Like stuff you to the brim huge!  And (if you hadn't already figured it out) they come with your choice of apple slices or chips

I'm not in Disneyland to eat's my break from being healthy.  So I get chips

You get all this for only $6.19!!  This is why I dub this the greatest value in all of Disneyland!  And a very kid friendly meal too so you could feed the whole family at a pretty decent price

We gnawed on these while we watched the parade.... utter dericousness!

And just as an added are some of the foods we ate on some past trips.  

I don't have any prices on these though..sorry!

This is the fried chicken dinner which I've had twice at The Plaza Inn 

And Beignets in New Orleans Square

Another fun thing we like to do is go buy a bunch of cand yor snacks from the shops on Mainstreet and have a little spread during the parade

Here we have hot chocolate, a cupcake, toffee....and a Diet Coke to wash it down haha

Well there ya have it my Disney lovin friends!  Hope this was somewhat helpful to you

Come back later this week for a Food Crawl through California Adventure


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