Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Wreath

So this is a totally last minute post......cuz it will be 2013 in 3 hours and 45 minutes write now as I write this

But this entire project in general was extremely last minute.  I just made it last night but I was determined to get it done because I wanted to show my support for New Years.

New Years Eve always kinda gets least in the decoration department.  It gets the tiniest section in the store and then WHAM it's alllll Valentine's Day stuff

I like to root for the underdog so I felt it was my duty to pay homage to it

Just like any other of my wreaths I glued shreddy paper stuff (this time it's the foil kind) onto a form which in my case is always a cardboard round.......cuz I'm cheap

I found an oversized party hat at Walgreens and cut out the Happy New Year on it

I glued it onto poster board for structure and cut it out again

I didn't take a picture but I glued a scrap square of cardboard to help it pop out more

Then I just glued on some different blowers and horns from the dollar store and some squiggles I cut off of the party hat

That's all folks!  I wish you all an awesome year ahead of you! =)


  1. Turned out great for last minute! All New Years get s in our house is a plastic bag with a couple of smashed old New Years hats in it! Same hats we've worn for over 6 years!