Friday, February 1, 2013

Pink and Brown Candy Buffet

Candy buffets today are what chocolate fountains were to weddings circa 2005....everybody had them  

And they actually surpass just weddings. They are at birthday parties, showers, name it!  They are definitely a popular trend right now

I'm not at all against trends as long as I know I actually like the idea and I'm not just doing it just because it's "in"

Because of this I actually resisted the idea of the candy buffet for the majority of my wedding I couldn't imagine my wedding without it!

I figured out why I just wasn't digging it at first

It was because most of the ones I had seen online on different wedding sites seemed to mainly consist of  just...... well...candy.

You're probably saying..uhh....DUH! is after all a freakin candy buffet!

I know I know!  But I kept seeing tables full of just gumballs...M&Ms...lollipops....MORE gumballs...Kisses...jelly beans.....and good god MORE GUMBALLS!!!

While those are all good....they just didn't really catch my eye enough to make me want to have it

Then it hit me

One day I was at the Ranch Market (big Mexican market) and I was in the bakery section.  I'm not even sure why I was there to begin with because I almost never go there...but I was drooling over all their amazing baked goods when I saw these GIANT pink and brown cookies

At that distinct moment I realized I wanted a candy buffet....but with more than just hard candies...I wanted the good stuff!

And the rest is history ladies and gents......

If you're wondering why the heck there is a cat on the table click here 

So as you can see, we had the above mentioned gumballs, M&Ms, and a few swirly lollipops...but we also had....

Circus animal cookies. I's pink and white not pink and brown...but they were such a favorite of mine growing up I let them skate past the Match O Meter

And The Boy loves coconut the so coconut neapolitans were a perfect match!

Pink and brown tootsie pop...another one of my faves.

 Rocky candy

The big giant pink and brown cookies that started it all

Mini chocolate donuts

 Pink snowballs.  This was the one thing that made me cringe a little.....but I let it go like a good bride.  They were supposed to be taken out of the packages and they weren't....but what are you gonna do?  I'm over it...............kinda

Chocolate and strawberry wafer and  brown salt water taffy


Pink and brown marshmallows.....homemade pink and brown dipped pretzels

There aren't any good pictures but we also had both of these

Strawberry hazelnut cream dippy deals...  I don't know how to describe them but they are creamy and come with a little stick to scoop it out with...they're good!

 And these mexican cookies that are kind of like oreo but with a pink marshmallow piped on top

Here's everyone digging into the  Table O' Diabetes

I had plain pink treat bags with twisty ties to take it all home in

And just a recap of everything I had

*Rock candy
*Tootsie pops
*Coconut neapolitans
* Marshmallows
*Strawberry & hazelnut creams
*Chocolate cookies w/marshmallows
*Circus animal cookies
*Pink and brown cookies
*Chocolate & strawberry wafers
*Mini Chocolate donuts
*Pink and brown dipped pretzels
*A few lollipops

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