Monday, March 26, 2012

Think Outisde the (Card) Box

This is Volume 2 of rehashing my wedding projects in an attempt to pull me out of my post wedding blues.

I started off by researching pictures of cardboxes. Right now some very popular styles are......


Hat Box Style

And Picture Frame Boxes

All of them are very cute and I considered them all at one point or another...but Tim and I are a little more "Kitchy"  The gift table and cardbox are one of the first things people see as they walk in and I really wanted it to be  "Us"  So I decided I wanted an actual mailbox to hold all our cards.

I bought a mailbox for $15 at Walamrt.  I painted it brown and the little flag pink.  The knob that held the flag on was actually plastic, so I sanded it down a bit and then primed it before I painted it pink.  The paint stayed on just fine.  Then I just glued on some glitter pink chipboard letters on.

This project was my very first DIY.  I did it all the way back in July 2010.  Wowza!

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