Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY Cheap & Personalized Wedding Napkins for Wedding (or any occasion!)

For our wedding I wanted cute napkins for our bar but I wasn't willing to pay to get them monogrammed.

I also didn't feel like buying an embossing kit because I wasn't sure If I would ever use it again....and I'm cheap.


I bought some plain pink and brown cocktail napkins from Party City and used a 50% off coupon at Michael's and got this Staz On Ink pad for around $4

My sister got me this cute stamp for Christmas, but you could also get a custom made one with your monogram or a design that you can use for multiple projects for your wedding

 And stamp away!  

It goes really quick.  I stamped while I watched Real Housewives marathons.    Go figure.....

The Staz On ink is awesome!  I did SEVERAL tests to make sure the ink wouldn't transfer onto people faces when they used them

Cause wouldn't that just be awesome.  My guests covered in brown ink smudged across their face.  That's something that would happen to me

Here's the finished thing

So simple but adds a nice personal touch to any party


  1. Cocktail napkins are so hip. Recently I attended a wedding in which the theme was "its time to get tipsy." Very vibrant theme with a witty side.

  2. I liked these cocktail napkins. Looks like you like to have fun with your tv shows and personalized stationery.