Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fran Fine "The Nanny" Costume

We interrupt our regular Wardrobe Wednesday post to bring you a Halloween costume post......

I  LOVE group/couples costumes.  They make dressing up even more fun to me.  Last year me and The Boy were a loofah and soap and we've also dressed up as Jessie and Woody and I couldn't let this year be any different.  

I decided on being Fran Fine from The Nanny because it's been one of  my favorite shows since I was like 5 years old......way before I understood all the humor.  Then when me and The Boy started dating I got him into the show and now he loves it too...funny is funny man!

If I was going to be Fran he had to be my Mr. Sheffield.  My costume was pretty easy to put together but for him I ended up running around all over town hitting up 3 different Goodwill 50% off Saturdays getting his all together...but it did come together nicely.

Look at the inspiration picture and the coat I scored

I was pumped to say the least!   Then, the unfortunate happened.  The Boy has been working like a mad man....going in at 7am and sometimes not getting home until 11:30.  Getting one day off IF he's lucky.  It sucks.   And when he couldn't get the day off to go to the one Halloween party we were going to and get to wear our costumes I was crushed.   Maybe I'm a baby....but I really was bummed

So I had to be Fran without a Maxwell.  Here's how it looked


I couldn't find a turtle neck that was tight enough like this one was wonky all night and made me look super fat in pictures haha.  I wish I could have spent more time on my hair but I was in a rush making food for the party so it was a quick curly job with a bump it.

I was really worried that people would just think I was Snooki but luckily I didn't get that comment all!

At one point in the night I was cleaning lipstick off my teeth when my sister Kinsey said "Oh my gosh...that's sooo Fran!"  So I reenacted it for pictures

I may just have to redo my Fran up bigger and better another year soThe Boy can wear his costume

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