Monday, October 7, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #23

MoMo was a stray when she showed up and claimed me as her mother.  And for a little while my mom insisted she stay outside and not be allowed in (I was 16 at the time) 

After a little time she started coming in the house and was about 50/50 indoor outdoor.  As the years went by she spent more and more time inside and hit about 80% indoors.  She would go outside to go potty, sun herself for a few minutes, then make her way back in through the doggy door. I never really worried though because she hardly ever ventured past our backyard. So while she preferred to be inside most of the time she still had the freedom to go out if she wanted.

That was until this past spring she gave us a big health scare and had to have surgery.  They said she needed to stay inside for at least 3 weeks but I decided right then and there it was time to make her indoors full time.  It was coming soon anyway and even though she never ventured too far from home I was ready to put my  mind at ease of anything ever happening to her. That very night the doggy door was covered up and a litter box was bought.  The rest is history. 

She adjusted to her new indoor life really well.  We had little to no problems with scratching or meowing.  At times though you could see her missing the outdoors and that's when she goes and hangs out in the window

And that seems to satisfy her. But the other day I decided to treat her to a little outside time....with me supervising of course.  I was going outside to spray for bugs and let her follow me around

I managed to snap this picture.  She looks so she's reminiscing about the old days

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