Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday-Printed Heart Sweater and Red Flats

Printed sweaters are a big trend right now.  You see them all over Pinterest.  Polka dots, dogs, cats, mustaches.....basically anything and everything are on a sweater right now

When I saw this sweater at Ross it had to be mine.  I bought it in August when it was still 110 outside and cooler weather was nothing more than a dream.....(still is) I paired it with jeans and my old red flats I've had since high school

Funny thing about the sweater is I picked it up marked on a Medium hanger and tried it on.  It was loose but I thought that meant it was just an over sized slouchy style sweater.  It wasn't until I got it home that I noticed the tag said XL and it was just on the wrong hanger...I'm bad at checking tags.  Oh well.....I kept it and went with the over sized look

Sweater: Ross

Jeans: Ross
Flat: Who knows?? They're old as hell

This is also my first time wearing red lipstick that wasn't for a Halloween costume.  I've always been too chicken to try it and I did....don't laugh.  Ok you can laugh if you want.  I know it's not the right red for me.  It's a little too orange and I think I need a more blue based red.  But I wanted to try a red lip with the red shoes and just used what I had on hand

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