Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Witch Hat Headbands

I have a serious "thing" with making mini hat headbands for my nieces.  So much in fact that when I told my niece Elsa I had a little prize for her she says to me, "Let me guess.....it's a little hat?"

Why yes.....yes it is.

I got these mini witch headband at Michaels along with some sequin edging

I filled the hat with tissue paper to keep it standing up

Then hot glued a piece of felt over to hold it all in place

Decorated them with the sequins and a gem before gluing the whole thing to a headband.  While I was at it I glued some glittery spiders to headbands too...might as well right?

I think they turned out so cute!

They're perfect for when the kids want to look festive but can't wear a full on Halloween costume...like at a class party.

It' so quick and easy you could totally make one last minute before Thursday....go go!

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