Monday, October 14, 2013

MoMo Monday- PETicure

I think I spoke too soon in last weeks post.  I talked all about how well MoMo had adjusted to becoming a full time indoor cat.  Well in typical fashion as soon as I flapped my big ole mouth...the very next day she was trying to get out.  

This whole spring and summer since she's been indoors MoMo really never showed any interest in trying to get out...but I think it was because she knew it was hot outside.  I swear that now she knows the weather is nice and she wants in on that action.  The other night I was taking out the garbage and normally I can leave the door open without her walking out....but this time she scooted her way out .   I ended up falling asleep on the couch by accident and woke up at 2 am to the sounds of her scratching at the weather striping of the front door.  Then she made her way over to  her now covered doggy...ummm...I mean "kitty door" and she scratched at that too.  I knew that if this scratching thing was going to continue I had to do something about it to salvage our stuff.  Sooo.....I brought back the nail caps

I used to buy them a few years ago....but since she was indoor/outdoors back then they would fall off sort of fast and I stopped buying them

Now that she's all indoors I think they'll stay on better.  It will keep her from ruining anything if she decides to get all scratchy again.....but the added bonus is that she looks super cute with her PETicure.   I love puns....they're punny

Such a classy little lady

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