Thursday, October 31, 2013

Batman Themed Family Costumes

So I know this post is kind of useless to you this year....seeing as how today is Halloween and all.  But I'm not the kind of blogger who likes to wait a year to post something when I have the material now.  Plus,  it's never too early to start gathering ideas for next year.  I pin Holiday stuff all year long

 My oldest niece Katie has been on a serious Batman kick these days.  She's borderline's all she talks about and besides her dog it's the majority of her Instagram posts too.  She even has this on going play feud with one of our family friends that is a Superman fan.  It's been months of Batman Vs. Superman.  

This means of course when Halloween rolled around she wanted to do a Batman costume and lucky for her my little niece goes along with whatever she wants every year and then it turns into a family costume

 Na na na na na na na na na  na na na na na na na Bat Fam!!!

Katie was Batgirl, Elsa was Robin, my sister was cat woman, and my brother inlaw was Batman

I loved the use of dish gloves for the Batgirl look.  And they made that hat themselves but cutting up a knit hat from the dollar store and sewing it to create ears.  Then cut holes for the eyes.

The "R" on lines on Robin are just craft foam.  Elsa won the best costume award at the party and took this honor VERY seriously.  You would have thought the kid just won an academy award or something.  At one point she even wanted to give an acceptance speach

She took the role seriously all night actually...always staying in character.  I tried to snap a picture of her eating carmel apple dip and she still had to pose mouth full and all

Remember how I said the family friend is a Superman fan? Well, as soon as she found out my brother inlaw would be Batman she put together a Clark Kent costume for her husband

And even funnier was that they were the hosts of the party and their house ended up being invaded by Batman characters of all kind.  My other brother inlaw showed up in a Batman suit thingy, my niece as a cat, and another guest came as Bane. 

Not another Superman in sight....Batman wins! ;)

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