Saturday, October 19, 2013

DIY Halloween Boo Sign

I just can't get enough of the Halloween crafts right now.  I have about 5 projects going at once.  I think I'm just excited to get crafting again after the summer hiatus.  During the summer crafting seems to take a it's not just me.  I've noticed it with other craft bloggers as well.  Nothing like the holiday season to bring it back and destroy your house with projects ;)

I really liked how this turned out

so I thought a Halloween version was in order

All it takes is a cheapo picture frame (hit up the dollar stores) and spray paint it

I had some cute Halloween scrapbook paper on hand that I cut to size and glued to some light cardboard for you can see I chose a Snack Pack box

Then came the "Boo" portion.  I painted some wood letters orange.  I took a poll on Instagram on whether or not I should glitter them....since I glitter everything.  Of course every girl  said glitter of I did just that

Glue the letter to your scrapbook paper and add a glittery spider for a little extra something

Surrounded by some glittery pumpkins you've got yourself a cute little set up

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