Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Poison Bottle

I tend to go for the more cutesy side of holiday decorating.  When it comes to Christmas I like cartoon Santas and everything to be lime green and red.....I don't do "classy" very pretty much all aspects of my life ;)

From a Halloween standpoint I like all the bright greens, purples, and oranges and all things glitter.  Thrown in a few happy spiders and a smiling ghost and that's my idea of Halloween.  I don't do gore decor (though I love me a gore movie)

I think this poison bottle is the perfect middle's not coated in glitter but kinda spookyish.....right? And it's really easy

The Boy picked up this tequila from the store and told me "I thought you would like the bottle to make something with"   What a good hubby!  He enables me in my craft hoarding ways....what more can a girl ask for??  It's not even our normal brand of tequila but it was on sale (even still my little heart!) so he snagged it

Just peel off the labels and clean it well.  Then I found this skull and cross bones necklace at the dollar store

Spray paint your bottle black...and rip off the hook on the skull with pliers (it's cheap as shit so it wasn't hard)

Glue it to your bottle with some E6000 glue and you're all set

Of course I surround it with glitter but I am who I am....

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