Monday, October 28, 2013

Candy Corn Cupcakes

I just haven't had it in me to make a cake of any kind lately.  So when one of my friends asked if I could make one for her daughters birthday/ Halloween bash I quickly asked if cupcakes were ok....luckily she goes with the flow and said that was totally fine.  Whew!

I got really excited over the idea of making them look like candy corn.  I love everything about candy corn.....except how they taste.  I guess that means I just think they're cute....cuz I do.

They're as easy as you would imagine they are.  Just have 3 different colors of frosting.  Yellow, orange, and white.  Pipe it on gradually moving inward and that's all there is to it

In case your looking for a yummy flavor for your cupcake I made these using my orange creamsicle cake and my coffee creamer buttercream

Happy Halloween!

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