Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Halloween Cupcake Toppers- Fondant Bones and Dracula Teeth

This is a repost.   I made Monster High Cupcakes for my niece's birthday party this year but I wanted to show you some of the homemade toppers again because they work perfectly for Halloween! 

Like these bone toppers

Cute right?  And look how easy they are

Just roll out little ropes of fondant


Cut in the sides a little


And roll them inward to create your bone shape.  voila!


Here is a SUPER old picture that is crappity crap crap quality....because it's from like 2 phones ago...but you get the idea.  And the spiders are just cheap rings

Now for Dracula teeth.  Cut lip shapes out of red fondant.  I made a paper template so they would be somewhat close every time.  Make an indent in the middle

Attach slightly curved triangles as the fangs


That's it!  Everyone will love them at your Halloween gathering this year and think that it came from a professional bakery

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