Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dollar Store Fall Owl Decoration

This project is so ridiculously easy that it's almost borderline ridiculous that I'm even blogging about it.....almost

I passed this cute little owl wall hanging at 99c Only about a dozen times.  It always caught my eye but I didn't know exactly what I would do with it so I never picked it up

After a few months I finally got a vision and the little owl finally made it's way into my basket

I just bought a piece of orange glitter paper, cut it to size, and hot glued it to the backside.  I almost did a lime green or purple paper to make it Halloweenish but I ended up going with orange so it wouldn't just be good for Halloween but for the entire Fall season

I was also thinking that with owls being all the rage these days it would be really cute for a little girls room.  Just choose a colored paper that matches their room.  Doesn't even have to be glitter paper.  Patterned scrapbook paper would be cute too!

Not bad for a project that comes in for around $2

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