Monday, April 8, 2013

Monster High Cupcakes

When Brooke's birthday rolled around I know a tiered cake just wasn't happening.  I just wasn't feeling up to it at all.  So I decided on cupcakes.  

They did still take up quite a bit of time because I made individual cupcakes toppers out of lots of detail work.  But the beauty of it is unlike a cake one little mistake can screw up the cake majorly....with cupcakes it's not like that.  You just scrape off the top and start that ONE over instead of trying to find a way to cover up or fix the whole cake

I iced the cupcakes in blue and pink buttercream and then I made 4 different topper designs

First hearts with black polka dots

I cut hearts out of red fondant and used a black food color marker to line the edge and make the dots

Next is the blue heart with stitches 

Now for Dracula fangs

I made my own lip template and used the fondant tool that looks like a little spatula to make the indentations

And added in some fangs

And last but not least.....bones

Roll out little ropes of white fondant

Cut into the sides

And roll those pieces inward to create the bone shape

I made one mini cake with a bow and stitches to reprsent "Frankie Stein" which is who my niece dressed up as at the Party

To make the mini cake a little cuter I used pink frosting in the middle so it would be blue and pink when you cut it

Cupcakes were also a nice break from having to slice and serve.  Just scoop some ice cream and send them on their way

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