Monday, November 4, 2013

MoMo Monday- Anniverary

Yesterday was me and The Boy's 2 year wedding anniversary.  But all the cat owners out there know that it's a cats world and we just live in it.  So in MoMo's semi self centered bubble she doesn't think of this day as the wedding anniversary of her parents.

No, no.  She thinks of this day as the anniversary of the day this picture was taken of her.  Looking so little and baby like

I know I've told this story before...but I don't care.  After our reception was over and before we headed to the after party at my inlaws house me and The Boy rushed home to see her.  We missed her so much that day and had to go see her for a just a minute.  I ran into the house and immediately went and smothered her in kisses...still in my wedding dress.  I love this picture of us so much.  She looks so little and cute...and sleepy.  I selfishly picked her up out of a dead sleep.

Oh MoMo....I love that damn cat.  Happy 2 years to my cute little family!

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