Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Patriotic Milk Jug Snoopy

I am so excited to help close out the Red, White, Blue series that Mandy has been hosting over at Sugar Bee Crafts the past few weeks.  Soooooo many awesome sure to check them all out!

Sugar Bee Crafts Red White Blue

My little contribution to this series will be a Milk Jug Snoopy.....modeled after Uncle Sam of course.  (I kinda have a "thing" for Uncle Sam themed stuff)

Back in December I made my first milk jug Snoopy and gave it to my sister and her family for Christmas since they have a Snoopy can go check out more details on that one here

Please excuse his disheveled ear muffs ;)

I loved him so much I knew I wanted to make a ton of them....because let's face it....who doesn't love Snoopy?  There's something about a beagle with an attitude that I find incredibly endearing

I may also have a soft spot for that dog because I have been told by a handful of people that I resemble him having a tantrum when I throw my head back and say "Uuuuugggh"....especially when I'm at work

You be the judge....

Anywho.....back to what you came here for....the craft!

Start with some clean milk jugs,black felt, a black sharpie,googly eyes, and a patriotic hat and bow tie.  I used all hot glue for this project so get your glue gun warming up

The first thing I did was give the glitter hat a few coats of Mod Podge to seal it in a little better because it was coming off like CRAZY.  My poor husband is already "that guy" who shows up to work with glitter on his I'm trying my best to contain my sparkle these days.  Ya know....trying to be a good wife and put the man before the crafts ;)

 Next I colored one of the caps with a black sharpie

Take one of your milk jugs and cut the top part off....just enough so that the top is more flat.  Don't cut too much off or the hole will be too big.  I used a box cutter and it was very easy

Glue the other milk jug on top, handle side facing up.  Glue on your googly eyes and put the colored cap on as his nose.  See how quickly it already looks like Snoopy

I accidentally glued it on kind of crooked....but I think it's sort of cute.  Like his head is tilted as if he is listening to you haha

Cut ears out of felt and glue them on as well

I originally planned  to make his bowtie myself, but when I came across this one at the dollar store I couldn't pass it up.  Super cute and better than anything I probably would have made...and you can't beat a price like that!

Glue on the bow and hat and your Patriotic Snoopy is finished

Put him by your door as a cute way to great your guests

And if you're still looking for some more patriotic crafts you could bust out this wreath 

This porch decoration

Or even this USA sign

Happy crafting!

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