Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt

Sorry I've sort of been sucking on this Christmas in July Week.  I know I've complained before....but my job has been super stressful these days so it's hard to keep up with my bloggin life the days that I work. But I'm off the next 2 days so I should be able to catch up and finish out my planned posts

Today I have an activity for the kiddos.  And it takes little effort from you....just printing out a list.

One of my favorite things as a child at Christmas time was ornaments.  Even though I saw the same ones year after year I used to love sitting by the tree just looking at them all.  And when we went to other peoples houses I loved to inspect all of gives you a good glimpse into peoples personalities.

Like for a example a tree with all balls and fancy ornaments....means yous boring.  Ok, so maybe that's a little harsh of me.  But I prefer to see trees with meaningful and fun ornaments that really describe each person and families personalities and makes for a much more eclectic and personalized tree. 

So basically the seed of my ornament hoarding was planted as a child and my obsession with them continues today.  Since I have soooo many I got the idea to use them in a scavenger hunt.

Just print out a list and give it to the kids to hunt around for. I made some straight forward (find an icicle) and some where you had to put more thought into it. Like "Something vampires hate"  so you would look for a garlic ornament.  (yes I have one) 

It's a good way to keep the kids occupied during your Christmas festivities and I've never met a kid that didn't love a scavenger hunt

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  1. Wow! You prepared very early for your Christmas celebration, Whit! Anyway, the earlier, the better. So, what prizes are at stake here? Nice printout of the scavenger hunt list, btw!

    -Rosalinda Hone @ RiddleMe