Monday, July 22, 2013

MoMo Monday Week #14 Christmas in July Edition

It's Christmas In July this weeks MoMo Monday posts is no different.  It gets a dose of holiday cheer!

MoMo is alot like her mama....shes's pretty much a Christmas freak.  And she dresses the part most of the month of December

Check out her cool Christmas garb

She looks intense here because she was supervising a gift wrapping session...she wasn't pleased with my skills.  My sides are never even and they come out crinkly....MoMo was appalled.  Or I guess I should say aPAWlled.   Merp! ;)

 And here she is laying amongst her gifts Christmas morning.  All wrapped in kitty wrapping paper of course

 She can't wait for another visit from Santa Paws.  Only 5 months to go!

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